IPB University Students and Alumni Carry Award Young Entrepreneurs Achievers

The Beginner Young Entrepreneur Award (WMP) National Level Achievement from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2019 named IPB University student Sari Nurmayani as the First Champion in the Agriculture and Maritime and Pipit Primary category, IPB University Alumni as the 2nd Champion in the Services and Trade Category. The award was given at the Summit Event of the 91st Youth Oath Day at the Jakarta Concert Hall, October 28, 2019.

Sari Nurmayani is a student at the IPB University's Agronomy and Horticulture Masters Program starting a technology-based agriculture business. The business is named Griin.id. Griin.id was created because it was inspired by the unlimited abundance of agricultural resources in Indonesia.

Through Griin.id, Sari is trying to integrate technology with agriculture. Currently the business that is involved in it focuses on the cultivation of organic plants and spices. The cultivation and production activities carried out by Griin.id are supported by digital precision agriculture technology, digital laboratories, and integrated information technology systems.

To support the sustainability of the Griin.id program, Sari provides facilities for youth to participate in work through agricultural academies, training, workshops, visits and internships.

Meanwhile, Pipit Pratama, Alumni of Aquatic Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, IPB University are actually more concerned with education. The alumni of IPB University have successfully established an educational institution dubbed NgeIELTS.

The ngeIELTS institute is an IELTS tutoring agency that uses methods from Kampung Inggris, Pare, Kediri. Through ngeIELTS institutions, the learning system is divided into small classes. Each class contains six to ten participants.

The duration of study applied is an average of five hours per day. With a Band Score target of 6.5-7.5, learning activities will be very enjoyable because they are supported by comfortable room facilities. (NR)

Published Date : 31-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Sari Nurmayani

Keyword : Mahasiswa IPB, asosiasi internasional, prestasi membanggakan