IPB University Student Community Shares Hundreds of Tumblers and Innovation Products

Various Student Communities and Student Organizations of IPB University including Institute Ambassadors, Community of Foster Brothers, Environmental Cadres, UKM AIESEC, IAAS and influencers with the Communication Bureau of IPB University held InoRun titled Running Innovation for The Nation in Sempur field, Bogor, 10/27.

"In this activity 500 free tumblers and innovations from IPB University were distributed to the people of Bogor," said the Head of the Organizing Committee, Neldo Irawan. IPB University's innovative range of products distributed to visitors include seaweed / coffee / tomato / bengkoang / strawberry masks, coffee hand and body lotion, milk and seaweed pomade, seaweed lightening cream, corn noodles, clarias biscuits, Instant chicken soup, cajuput candy, plant seeds and various other innovations.

He further conveyed that InoRun was a morning jogging activity while simultaneously introducing IPB University's innovative products. So far, IPB University is known as the most innovative campus.

In addition, in an effort to campaign for IPB University as an innovation campus and IPB Green Campus an innovation introduction stand was opened in the Sempur field area.

The Rector of IPB, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria welcomed and at the same time opened the IPB Inorun event, cheering on the participants by beginning with the dignity of IPB Digdaya. The Chancellor said that this activity was an event to promote IPB University's innovation.

The Chancellor added that similar activities are planned to be held again next year in the form of IPB Marathon 2020. "Students must win on their own campus. Activities like this are held so that IPB University residents are passionate about always doing sports activities, including running.

The same thing was said by the Head of the Communication Bureau of IPB University, Yatri Indah Kusumastuti. He conveyed this activity as an effort to convey to the public the innovations of IPB University to be more widely known by the public. "Of course this event is very interesting to be attended by the people of Bogor," he said.

On this occasion also introduced activities carried out by the student community including the activities of Foster Brothers who have tutoring activities for elementary students and character education. This elementary school student tutoring is done on Saturdays and Sundays. This foster sister community focuses on elementary school children. According to him, childhood is a time to shape character, because education is a weapon that can change the world.

This Foster Sister Community has existed in 6 cities in Indonesia including Bogor, Jakarta and Bandung. While the AIESEC Community introduces 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets to people who are doing sports activities in Sempur Bogor.

Appear to be present in this InRun activity Director of Education Administration and New Student Admissions, Dr. Bonny PW Soekarno. (NR)


Published Date : 30-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Neldo Irawan

Keyword : Inorun, Dosen IPB