IPB Carries 3 Awards from Kemenristekdikti for Lecturer and Educational Staff

IPB Carries 3 Awards from Kemenristekdikti for Lecturer and Educational Staff 

Two lecturers and an educational staff (tendik) IPB University won two awards from Ministry of Research, Technology, and High Education (Kemenristekdikti) on Monday (28/10) in Jakarta. According to scoring result that announced on Anugerar Diktendik Berprestasi 2019 in Harris Hotel Vertu Harmoni, Dr Anuraga Jayanegara, SPt, MSc chosen as First Winner National Outstanding Lecturer on category Science and Technology. Meanwhile Dr Megawati Simanjuntak, SP, MSi chosen as Runner Up National Oustanding Lecturer on category Social and Humanities. Kusnadi, SE chosen as Runner Up Outstanding Educational Staff category Financial Manager.

Dr. Anuraga Jayanegara is a Lecturer of IPB University in the Study Program of Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry. There have been many awards received by Dr. Anuraga while being a lecturer at IPB University. Some of the awards he has received are Rank 1 Outstanding Lecturer in Technology Science at IPB University Level 2019, Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing from the Animal Feed Science and Technology Journal (Scopus Q1), Elsevier 2018, H-Index 2018 Young Lecturer and The Most Cited 2018 Young Author in IPB University's Tribute to Innovation and Authors in 2018, Rank 3 Outstanding Lecturer in Technology Science at IPB University in 2018, Best Presenter Award at the 2018 Annual Applied Science and Engineering Conference, as well as being nominated for 109 Prospective Indonesian Innovations, LIPI Business Innovation Center in 2017.

"Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to Allah because I was given the opportunity to be ranked as the number one lecturer at the national level in the science and technology category," said Dr. Anuraga.

All this, continued Dr. Anuraga, could not be separated from the help of all parties, especially from the mentors who had directed and guided all this time.

The same thing was also expressed by Dr. Megawati Simanjuntak, IPB University Lecturer in the Family and Consumer Science Study Program, Faculty of Human Ecology. According to him, the achievements of IPB University increased from the previous year. "Last year we won Runner Up II  with Achievement in the Humanities Social Field, thank God this year increased to become the second winner, hopefully next year can win first place," explained Dr. Megawati. He explained, learning from the achievement process did indeed need intensive mentoring from mentors. With this assistance, Dr. Megawati hopes that the lecturers can prepare themselves as well as possible.

Previously, Dr. Megawati has successfully carved achievements at national and international levels. The achievements that had been previously obtained were Lecturer Achievement in Social Sciences in the Humanities level of IPB in 2019 and 2018, received the Distinguished Paper Award at the International Conference on Industry, Business and Social Science in 2018 in Tokyo, Competency Assistance Entrepreneurship Award from the 2018 Professional Certification Agency, and entered in the nomination of 105 Prospective Indonesian Innovations, LIPI Business Innovation Center 2015.

Different from the two previous outstanding lecturers, Kusnadi was the only educational staff of IPB University who received an award, which was as Champion 2 in Achievement in the Financial Management category. "Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to have received the award, all because of the support of all parties, so that I can be more advanced," Kusnadi said.

Director General of Science and Technology Resources of Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Ali Ghufron Mukti explained there were seven categories announced in the awarding of this year's Diktendik. The seven categories are the outstanding lecturers in the science and technology category, the outstanding lecturer in the social humanities category, the achiever achievers in the librarian category, academic administration, financial managers, archivists, and outstanding laboratory assistants. "We hope that those who get the award can become role models or examples for others. Not only performance, but character building, attitude, and other good habits, "said Ali Ghufron.

He explained, lecturers are now required to be responsive, not only to technology but also to the demands of a changing era. He also appealed to the educational staff in all campuses to continue to improve their capacity, because educational staff also spearheaded the progress of a tertiary institution. (NR)

Published Date : 29-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Megawati, Prof Dr Ali Ghufron Mukti , Dr Anuraga Jayanegara, SPt, MSc

Keyword : Dosen IPB, Tenaga Kependidikan, Berprestasi Nasional