IPB Conducts Two Job Fairs This Year

The Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) IPB University held IPB University Job Fair 2019 Career and Entrepreneurship Expo. The event was held on Saturday and Sunday (28-29/9) in Graha Widya Wisuda building, Dramaga campus, Bogor. The event consists of a career expo, entrepreneurship expo, company presentations, and career consultation.

IPB University’s Rector, Dr Arif Satria said that there are changes happening currently and very rapidly, including in the professional world. Now, the atmosphere of working has also changed.

“When there are changes, we have to keep up. In response to the rapidly changing dynamics which is full of uncertainty, IPB University strives to prepare its students with various skills as early as possible,” said Dr Arif Satria during his greeting.

He added that IPB University facilitates various necessities for the graduates by having several programs related to preparing them for work life. “We facilitate the graduates who want to be a civil servant (PNS), those who want to work in a startup, or those who want to be an entrepreneur, as well as other fields. We facilitate them through the programs that we have prepared,” he said.

Dr Arif also said that besides online job fair, there is also a physical job fair for students and alumni to increase engagement with the company. “Students need to interact more with companies. They can ask and dig for information as much as they want,” he said.

Director of Student Affairs and Career Development, Dr Alim Setiawan Slamet explained that IPB University Job Fair is a sub-event of the Career Week. Career Week is a career preparation program for last year students, graduate candidates, or fresh graduates.

“This Job Fair is the second Job Fair we have in 2019. The first one was held in April. This Job Fair is participated by 37 companies and there are 11 IPB entrepreneur booths,” said Dr Alim.

The participating companies consist of banks, food and beverages industry, employment service companies, startups, and agriculture-related companies.

IPB University Job Fair 2019 collaborates with Semarak Kehutanan in career consultation. Semarak Kehutanan is a program from Student Executive Body (BEM) of Faculty of Forestry IPB University, which is expected to be a platform for people, especially students, who have a passion to work and contribute in forestry sector. (Ard)

Published Date : 02-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

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