International Recognition towards IPB University’s Business Incubator

IPB University's Business Incubator (incuBie) recently received an award from the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) of Indonesia. ICSB is a global non-profit organization whose aim is to pursue the management of education for entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses. This council was established in 1956 to help increasing knowledge of small and medium businesses in succeeding, while providing economic and social impacts for prosperity of the country. The ICSB Indonesia Presidential Award was handed over by the Mayor of Bogor—Dr. Bima Arya and received by IPB Director of the Science Technology Area and Business Incubator—Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah. The awarding ceremony was held in Bogor on October 10th, 2019, where ICSB Indonesia Chairman—Hermawan Kartajaya was present too.

Upon being granted within category of Researcher/Academician category, incuBie envisioned further function, dedication and commitment in supporting progress of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within its respective working areas. Back since 1994, incuBie has been consistently nurturing, assisting and worked hand-in-hand with SMEs incubation programs and, by far, 265 companies/startups have been established. IncuBie designs and implements business incubation program for tenants for one to three year(s), besides also runs business acceleration program to accelerate development of tenant businesses and SMEs.

The incubation program includes day-to-day assistance in technical matters for production, business legality, product distribution permit, business management, promotion and marketing, financing facilitation, and business matching. The business acceleration program is an effort made to improve business development program services through training, coaching, mentoring, and business matching (building cooperation) through collaboration with partners and capital institutions. The three-year business incubation program targets to significantly increase the number of partners, workforce, turnover, and business valuation in incubating SMEs participant. Hopefully, through this business incubation program, an innovation ecosystem will be created and will ultimately be able to foster innovative, independent, and competitive SMEs on a global level. [stp-ipb / zul]

Published Date : 09-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah

Keyword : IncuBie, ICSB Indonesia Presidential Award, IPB University