FEM IPB University Holds UMBM Festival, the Champion of Bogor City and the 2019 Agribusiness Festival

The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) of IPB University holds the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) Champion of Bogor City and the 2019 Agribusiness Festival at the Baranangsiang Campus, Bogor (28/9). According to the FEM Dean, Dr. Nunung Nuryartono, there was something interesting in the MSME sector. According to him, the contribution of MSMEs to the absorption of the workforce was 97.2 percent. Contributions to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to 57.8 percent and still must be encouraged so that they can directly relate to global value change.

"For this reason, pentahelix collaboration including the media is important. The media can contribute greatly in helping to market MSME products. FEM IPB University is ready to collaborate with the private government, the MSME community who will soon develop MSME products. I hope that in the future there will be UMKM products from the city of Bogor that are globally like the German knife made by MSMEs in the country, "he said.

Dr Nunung added that next year FEM will collaborate with the Provincial Government of DKI to assist the data collection of Street Vendors (PKL) with a census method for all street vendors in DKI and their fostered patterns.

"Likewise with the Bogor City Government, it can also adopt what the UMKM pattern looks like," he said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya Sugiarto said that the key to advancing MSME was collaboration. "It must be strengthened by substance. The challenges of MSMEs are upstream to downstream which include aspects of production, capital and markets. So don't focus on the ceremony, but what about the production or the capital, "he said.

In addition, on this occasion, the Deputy of Production and Marketing of the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Victoria Simanungkalit, exemplified the successful state of Taiwan with its herbal medicine SMEs. With nano technology, Taiwan's MSMEs produce herbal ingredients worldwide.

"IPB University can enter with a touch of technology to foster MSMEs and produce products downstream. Its industrialization is managed by cooperatives. With this kind of synergy, MSMEs can be more competitive. In addition, we also need to provide reinforcement through mentoring, administrative guidance and standardization that can enter the global market, "he said.

In the Gebyar UKM, the Bogor City Champion and the 2019 Agribusiness Festival, a business matching event was also held to bring together MSMEs and potential buyers. "Aside from being a promotional event, we will try to open a broader market for Bogor City SME products through the involvement of online and offline marketplaces. I hope that Pentahelix will collaborate (Academician, Businessman, Government, Community and Media), so that they can facilitate and support Bogor City SMEs to advance in class, "explained Achmad Firman Wahyudi, Chair of the Organizers. (dh / zul)

Published Date : 02-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Nunung Nuryartono

Keyword : SMEs of Bogor City, Gebyar UKM won Bogor City and Agribusiness Festival 2019, FEM, IPB University