IPB Rector Hopes Heads of Student Body in Jakarta Join IPB

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Rector, Dr. Arif Satria hopes that the Governor of Special Capital Region (DKI) Jakarta, Anies Baswedan can encourage the Heads of Student Body (Ketua OSIS) in DKI Jakarta to continue their education in IPB. The purpose is to produce reliable leaders to lead DKI Jakarta in the future.

This offer was welcomed well by DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan while signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IPB and the Government of DKI Jakarta Province in the City Hall of DKI Jakarta Province (21/1). The Governor of DKI Jakarta was really interested with theKetua OSIS channel that could create a young generation with leadership and strong mentality.

“IPB is developing a young generation with leadership quality. This must be supported and taken example by other universities,” said Anies.

In his welcoming remark, IPB Rector said that IPB Vision 2045 was to become a Techno-socio Entrepreneurial University. To reach that vision, IPB needs to do a lot of transformation in education, research, and community service. IPB continues to improve its curriculum, namely by opening theKetua OSIS admission channel.

“This channel looks for students that have passion in agriculture and possess leadership talent. This scheme is one of the independent selections to find students that have been proven to have the leadership quality as Head of Student Body as well as good academic capability. We want to form a graduate that has intellectuality and strong leadership,” said IPB Rector.

Meanwhile, in the MoU signing, the two parties agreed to partner in education, research, and community service. According to Rector, this partnership will sharpen and realize many ideas (as IPB’s contribution) in developing the nation, especially in DKI Jakarta Province.

“Education partnership includes delegating the staffs of Regional Government of DKI Jakarta to continue pursuing their Master and Doctor degree, undergraduate scholarship for DKI Jakarta society that is enrolled in IPB, training regarding the added value of the agricultural product, and development of high school and vocational education,” said Dr. Arif.

The partnership in research encompasses study of supply chain mapping and food distribution networks, study of food balance, study of community food consumption patterns, study of food alert systems, analysis of food subsidy, entrepreneurship and SME development, green mussel problems in DKI Jakarta, hydrology and clean water management, waste management, and study of food inflation.

“In the field of community service, the partnership covers children nutrition program, seafarming in Seribu Islands, annual qurban inspection, Ragunan Zoo management, plants clinic car, animal health car, anti-galau car, landscape gardening management, and the plan of Ali Sadikin Maritime Center development,” said IPB Rector.

In his explanation, Anies Baswedan saw a real challenge felt by Jakarta society. One of the challenges was drinking water or clean water.

“How will it be if a big city like DKI Jakarta does not have clean water? Water is the most basic necessity.  Thus, DKI Jakarta invites IPB to see the problem that it faces. This partnership does not merely look for the solution, but also to see the root of problems. The solution is long awaited by the people of DKI Jakarta. Does IPB has a new way to provide clean water to the people of Jakarta?” said the Governor of DKI Jakarta.

In addition, DKI Jakarta also plans to obtain superior fruit seeds from IPB, then given them freely to DKI Jakarta residents to be planted in the yard of the house. So suddenly Jakarta will become a place for the growth of superior fruits in Indonesia. "Let's take advantage of this closeness and cooperation with IPB. "IPB will help develop and manage agriculture, research and community service in DKI Jakarta with full responsibility," added the Governor.

The Governor hopes that IPB and DKI Jakarta can collaborate well to form study the problems, find the solutions and execute the improvement together.

Published Date : 24-Jan-2019

Resource Person : Anies Baswedan

Keyword : IPB Rector, Arif Satria, Anies Baswedan, Ketua OSIS