Launching of the Dasgron Book Revision, Sri Setyati Harjadi Mind Processing

Prof. Dr. Ir Sri Setyati Harjadi, M.Sc, Emeritus Professor from the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University is very loyal in the development of agricultural science and technology. Prof. Sri is known to be very productive in writing books and articles. After waiting 40 years, the book Fundamentals of Agronomy (Dasgron) was finally revised by Prof. Sri Setyati Harjadi and the team. This is to help and be useful for students majoring in agronomy, agricultural students, agricultural experts in developing agricultural science.

Prof. Sri explained that what encouraged the revision of the Fundamentals of Agronomy was when he attended the Diagi Congress in July 2017 in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Indonesian Agronomy Association. In the program all agricultural lecturers really need an introductory book on the Fundamentals of Agronomy. How to manage agricultural crops and their environment to obtain maximum production is a challenge in national development. Innovation in agriculture is very urgent, from the production system to the efficient distribution process.

"There are important differences in this revised edition of the book. This book focuses the attention of the reader on increasing production. The intricacies of modern techniques in farming are discussed in depth, such as: energy and agricultural production, food and human needs, classification of plants, environmental factors in plant growth, plant breeding, and cultivation techniques, "said Prof. Sri.

Prof. Sri added that the book of Fundamentals of Agronomy was very helpful for students majoring in agronomy, agricultural students, agricultural experts, as well as all interested people involved in the process of agricultural innovation in Indonesia. Its contents are heavy and deep and comfortable to read.

Rector of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria congratulated Prof. Sri Setyati and the team who have launched the revision of the book Fundamentals of Agronomy. Every lecturer in tertiary institutions is faced with the obligation to reduce the knowledge they have to their students or students. In oral form, this business is only beneficial for those who happen to be fortunate to be students of the lecturer. If the effort is done through book writing, communication can be extended to audiences that are spread in various universities. In this way there will also be mutual influence between the various teaching streams of a field of science.

"Prof.'s efforts Sri Setyati has a very broad philosophy to disseminate her thoughts and knowledge to revise the Fundamentals of Agronomy, IPB is very welcoming and happy. Hopefully the contents of this book can give rise to feedback and be useful for the academics of IPB and hopefully every lecturer in universities feels compelled to publish textbooks in their fields, "said the Rector of IPB University.

While the Dean of Faperta IPB University, Dr. Suwardi said that the book of Fundamentals of Agronomy by Prof. (Em) Prof. Sri Setyati Haryadi is a gateway for students of the Faculty of Agriculture to find out the basics of agriculture. "All view this book as very important as a guide for students of the Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, both at the undergraduate (S1) level and at the postgraduate and doctoral level. Hopefully this book is widely useful both for IPB University and outsiders to understand agronomy and agriculture and be useful in increasing and maintaining crop productivity that remains good and sustainable, "he said.

Agronomy Basics Course is a course that contains the basic principles of plant exploitation, introduction of production factors and their effects on plant growth and yield and practicum activities are held as a means to complement and support the understanding of the theory given in lectures, so that the revised book Agronomy Basics is very important.

Present at this event was the Chair of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, Dr. Sugiyanta, Professors of Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, lecturers, graduate students and education staff. (NR)

Published Date : 08-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr Ir Sri Setyati Harjadi, M.Sc

Keyword : Arif satria, Dean of Faperta IPB University, agronomy basics book