IPB University Attains Two Awards in Science, Technology, and Innovation Awards 2019

IPB University snatched two awards simultaneously in Science, Technology, and Innovation Awards held by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education in Denpasar, Bali (25-28/8). IPB Science Techno Park attained the First Place of Science, Technology, and Innovation Award Widya Kridha, Producer of Technology-based Startups sub-category. IPB University also attained the Second Place in Science, Technology, and Innovation Award Widyapadhi, Innovation Product sub-category.

This National Science, Technology, and Innovation Awards are held in commemoration of the 24th National Technological Resurgence Day (Hakteknas) with the theme: ‘Science, Technology, and Innovation in 4.0 Creative Industry’ and subtheme: ’4.0 Creative Industry for National Independence and Competitiveness’.

Widyapadhi Award is an award to appreciate the achievements of higher education institutions in building innovation systems through policy, institutional, resources, and innovation network empowerments to generate innovation products. Widya Kridha is an award bestowed to organizations or institutions for their dedication and contribution in driving and proliferating innovations in societies.

IPB University Rector, Dr. Arif Satria expressed his gratitude in this achievement. “This success is our collective achievement as parts of IPB University, who collaboratively better and perfect our innovation management and development. I hope that IPB University can achieve even better in the following year, while maintaining the current achievements. Hopefully, this achievement can motivate us to achieve even better in innovation empowerment. Thank you for IPB innovators who have contributed significantly in this achievement,” he said.

Director of Science, Technology, and Business Incubator (DKSTIB) of IPB University, Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah said that DKSTIB IPB University aims to produce technology-based startups through business incubation process, increasing the success of technology transfer and new products invented by universities and creating conducive ecosystem to develop science and technology-based businesses through provision of intellectual, financial, and networking capacities.

Moreover, Dr. Rokhani said that the bestowment of Widya Kridha award is possible because STP IPB is considered as one of the leading STP in producing technology-based startups. According to her, STP IPB services include: (1)Technical service (training, demonstration, technical consultation, business information), (2) Technology development (technology design, prototypes, intellectual property management, and technology transfer office), (3)Business incubation (technology support, business management, promotion and marketing, and financial facilitation), (4) Supporting services (healthy food product producing, industry research and development, label and packaging design, office and conference room provision).

Also present in the awarding with the Rector were the Vice Rector in Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Erika B. Laconi, Head of Science and Technology Sub Directorate, Dr. Tri Prartono, Head of Business Incubator Sub Directorate, Deva Primadia Almada, SPi, MSi, Head of Property Management and Protection Sub Directorate Dr. Drh. I Ketut Mudite Adnyane and Head of Innovation Management and Commercialization, Dr. Roza Yusfiandayani.

Prof. Erika hopes that with these awards, IPB University can be driven even more under her coordination to increase its service in order to assist inventions to value-added innovations. (Ard)

Published Date : 30-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB University; Science, Technology, and Innovation Awards 2019; Second Place Innovation Product sub-category; First Place Technology-based Startup Producer sub-category.