Porridge Seller's Child Wins S2 and S3 Scholarships Simultaneously at IPB University

Coming from a simple family, is not an obstacle to be able to pursue higher education. This was proven by IPB University student Eka Setiawan from the Plant Biology Study Program. Eka had the opportunity to continue her Masters and Doctoral studies after graduating from IPB University. Eka managed to get a Masters of Education Towards a Doctoral Scholarship for a Bachelor Degree (PMDSU) with the promoter Prof. Dr. Tatik Chikmawati.

Eka has a father who works as a porridge maker in the Parungbingung area of Depok while her mother teaches the Koran of the Qur'an Education Park (TPQ) in the village.

"Since I was a child, I joined my father, who at that time was selling in the Bantargebang area of Bekasi, then moved to the Cakung area, East Jakarta until I was five or six years old. Still remember clearly, at that time cardboard boxes or benches that were less than 50 cm wide became a comfortable mattress for us to sleep, "said Eka.

While on campus, Eka shared her passion for observing plants so that she was interested in learning more about plant diversity. This raises a big question in his mind, why in Indonesia with high plant diversity, only a few focus on studying plant diversity, especially on the island of Java which still has good forests but has only been explored a little.

"My interest in the field of plant diversity made me decide to continue my studies. After graduating, I got offers from several banks and insurance companies but thank God I got a PMDSU scholarship. The field offered by Prof. Tatik is also in accordance with what I want to learn more about, plant diversity, "he added.

During his overseas periods, his parents always advised him to never leave prayer even in the busiest conditions.

"My father and mother always encourage me and pray for me to always be given fluency and continue to be given health during my studies. Even though selling porridge gets mediocre money, fathers always try everything for their children's needs. From this journey of life I learned that God will not overburden our abilities, continue to do what is later will also be finished. No need to worry about any situation, where it comes from and who we are, because everyone's fortune will never be confused, "he concluded. (NR)

Published Date : 20-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Eka Setiawan

Keyword : PMDSU, Scholarship, Children of Porridge, IPB University