Irsyad Al Ghifari, IPB University Ambassador Who is Chosen as Best 20 Outstanding Youth for The World 2019

Irsyad Al Ghifari is a student of Sharia Economy Department, Faculty of Economy and Management (FEM), IPB University batch 2015. He had made various achievements in his study, from attaining the title of IPB University 2017 Inspirative Student, Most Outstanding Student of FEM IPB University 2018, The Most Inspirative Leader Nutrifood Leadership Award 2017, and IPB University Ambassador in 2017.

As an ambassador, Irsyad has a full responsibility to improve IPB University's positive image and, of course, to invite high school students all over Indonesia to study in IPB University. He is also involved in socializing IPB University to high school students in Lampung, Central Java, and South Borneo.

In 2019, Irsyad participated in a selection for Outstanding Youth for The World (OYTW) as well as Indonesia-USA 70th Youth Ambassador. OYTW has been organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011 by sending Indonesian achieving students abroad, to extend the network and knowledge. He has visited countries such as USA, Japan, UK, Canada, Hongkong, India, and Australia.

The event was participated  by 548 students all over Indonesia. There were three selection steps started from document selection, interview, and lastly the quarantine (psychotest, Focus Group Discussion/FGD, talent show, and group presentation session).

Irsyad is chosen as Outstanding Youth For The World 2019 alongside 19 other students and on December 5-6 will represent Indonesia in Bali Democracy Student Conference 2019. The 20 OYTW finalists are the best students in each own university and has various social activities.

Irsyad makes OYTW as an opportunity to inspire Indonesian youths to contribute and develop the nation.

"I hope that we can carry this responsibility to be Indonesia's "face" and young diplomat who can introduce Indonesia, especially that Indonesia is a diverse, friendly, and tolerant country. Besides, I also hope that my presence in this program can be an inspiration for the other IPB University students as well as other Indonesian youths," he said. (Ard)

Published Date : 01-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Irsyad Al Ghifari

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