Hama-Bot, An Educational Media for Introducing Pests Created by IPB University Students

On April 1, 2019, IPB University Students officially released HAMA-Bot as one of the programs of the work of the sub-division of literacy of the academic and achievement division of the Association for Plant Protection Students (Himasita) IPB University. Hama-Bot (Happy Agricultural for Millenial-Bot) is an educational media-based Line chat application bot on the mitigation of pests and plant disease which has been adjusted to the conditions of the millennial generation.

Hama-Bot was first the idea of Mar’ie Muhammad and Seliawati Dwiagustin, students of the Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, even though they are from the agricultural department did not stop them to create a media that was technology-based, they deepened their knowledge on data input and designing the performance of the Hama-Bot through the internet.

“Hama-Bot is a bot that was designed to increase the literacy of the IPB University civitas especially for the students of the Department of Plant Protection on the pest problems and plant diseases through a more enjoyable experience,” they explained.

Mar’ie explained that the use of the Hama-bot was relatively easy to use, the user only needs to type in the keyword such as the name of a disease or the name of the pest or other academic-related needs, such as the academic calendar or the IPB University Logo. “There is also a list of keywords, the user will be able to access this and type “word list” in the group chat or personal chat” he added. Access for the Hama-bot the account is by using the Line ID @ exr9243b or by scanning the QR barcode.

Currently, Hama-bot focuses on completing the database OPT so that it can help the IPB University students especially those of the Department of Plant Protection who are currently going through the Real Work Lecture Program (KKN). HAMA-bot will give a brief description of the pests or the plant diseases and a recommendation on the mitigation from trusted reference sources.

“I hope that Hama-bot is more known and can be beneficial to society especially for the people of IPB University on the pests and plant diseases in welcoming 4.0 agriculture, I also hope that there is support from the campus to enrich the quality and quantity of Hama-bot content,” he closed. (AVR)

Published Date : 11-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Mar’ie Muhammad dan Seliawati Dwiagustin

Keyword : agricultural education, 4.0 agriculture, pests and plant diseases, IPB University