Launching of Total 15 IPB International Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums & Congress 2019

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) proudly presents the grand news on the launching of this year’s International Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums & Congress. This year, total 15 events are going to be held throughout August-October 2019 (which details of the complete list can be referred to the following link: ( Various faculties, departments and research units from IPB are earnestly pleased to act as organizer of these events whose focus emphasizing on myriad options of scientific fields. On August 2019, there will be 8 events, including: International Conference on Statistics & Analytics 2019 (August 2nd-3rd); The 2nd International Seminar on Family & Consumer Issues in Asia Pacific (ISFCI) (August 5th-6th); The 4th Embrio International Symposium “Innovative Solution & Technology for Marine Biodiversity & Sustainable Fisheries” (August 5th-6th); The 8th International Conference of the Indonesian Chemical Society (ICICS) 2019 (August 6th-7th), The 3rd International Conference on Biosciences (ICoBio): Innovation in Biosciences towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 (August 8th), SCESAP International Symposium on Coastal Ecosystem & Biodiversity of Asia-Pacific: Achieving SDG 14 (August 11th-15th), The 1st International Seminar on Natural Resources & Environmental Management (ISeNREM) 2019 (August 15th) & The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Plantation (ICSP) (August 20th-22nd). Afterwards, there will be followed by 4 events on September 2019, such as: The 3rd International Conference on Marine Science (ICMS) 2019 “Towards Sustainable Marine Resources & Environment” (September 4th), World Seafood Congress 2019 (September 9th-11th), The 2nd International Conference on Tropical Silviculture: Forest Research & Innovation for Sustainable Development (September 10th-11th) & The 6th International Symposium on LAPAN-IPB Satellite (September 17th-20th). Eventually, on October, there will be 3 events remained to wrap up this year’s series of international seminars, conferences, symposiums & congress, which are comprised of: The 2nd International Conference on Environment & Forest Conservation (ICEFC 2019) (October 1st-3rd), International Conference on Innovation in Technology & Management for Sustainable Agroindustry (ITaMSA 2019) (October 9th-10th) & The 4th International Symposium for Sustainable Landscape Development (The 4th ISSLD) (October 10th). IPB is verily looking forward to hold the exchange of knowledge through the aforementioned events and cordially inviting academia from all over the world to participate.

Published Date : 21-May-2019

Resource Person : Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

Keyword : Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), International Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums & Congress 2019