The Archive Unit Trains IPB Student Service Center Staff on Archives

The Archive Unit of the IPB University trained Student Service Center (SSC) staff to manage active archives according to legislative standards on Saturday (9/3) in Bogor. Ir. Setyo Edy Susanto, S.Th.I., M.Pd, Head of Archive Services and Development Sub-Division, explained the importance of the archive. "The rules for managing records include orderly, neat, easy to find, safe, authentic, intact, and reliable. It also has to be easy to manage and be presented in the form of information. The duration of stored-archived is in accordance to its retention. Archival retention is a minimum shelf life of each type of archive that has been regulated through IPB Rector Regulation number 13/IT3/TU/2017 concerning Archive Retention Schedules in IPB. The archive is stored according to the type, file, and classification. It is easily depreciated so that it flows and leaves a static archive of about 5-10 percent of the active archive. This static archive is stored in the Archive Unit and has historical values that might be needed at any time, "explained Edy.

Active archives whose retention period has expired must be destroyed. The destruction process must follow the laws and regulations. "If we destroy the archive without following the regulatory procedures, sanctions can be imposed with a maximum sentence of five to ten years," continued the Archivist of the Exemplary Rank of the National Level of 2017.

On that occasion, Head of Public Relation Division of the IPB Communication Bureau, Siti Nuryati, STP, M.Sc, said that archival technical guidance is important especially for the IPB Student Service Center which deals with archive documents of academic and student services. "Guidance and archival technical consultations from the Archive Unit of IPB provide us with a new understanding that archive management is important and has many benefits," she said.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Head of Internal Relations and Information Services Section, Public Relations Section, IPB Communication Bureau, Aris Solikhah, STP, MM. "By understanding archive management, we can sort the active archive and static archive so that there is no accumulation of files in the management unit. Every file has a different treatment according to the applicable laws and regulations, "said Aris.

Published Date : 14-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Ir. Setyo Edy Susanto, S.Th.I.,M.Pd

Keyword : static archive, active archive, retention, archive unit.