Agriculture Revolutiion 4.0 Can't Replace Breeders' Role

IPB University (IPB) as a state university (PTN) supports the incoming agriculture revolution 4.0. Plant breeding is a sector referring to Agrimaritime 4.0's roadmap. Agriculture revolution 4.0 also involves non-agriculture disciplines which aim to support the environment for plant-growing, such as adjustment of fertilizer quantity, humidity, and environment so that they will match the needs of the plants.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukur, IPB professor whose expertise in plant breeding, said that varieties should be designed to match the environment, for example planting crops without soil in green house. In the future, agriculture 4.0 will be beneficial if used in large scale, especially in nutrient supply.

On the other side, besides gaining support, agriculture revolution 4.0 also attracts controversy because the impacts will diminish human role in life, and will end in more unemployment. This will certainly invite questions, will industrial revolution 4.0 will eliminate the role of plant breeders who have produced quality varieties for farmers for years?

This question was answered by Prof. Muhammad Syukur. He said that agricultural revolution 4.0 will never replace the role of a breeder because any agricultural revolution is started with breeding.

"Always look centered at the upstream, especially if we look at the history. The first thing that appears in our head regarding productivity improvement is variety. Technology can't be separated with quality variety," said Prof. Muhammad Syukur.

There is a narrative about genetical manipulation in Agriculture 4.0. It has to be understood that genetical manipulation is is not the same with GMO/Genetic Modified Organism. Genetical manipulation can produce many quality varieties resistant to pests and diseases, droughts, and have higher yield. "Surely this can only be done by a breeder," he said. (Ard)

Published Date : 04-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukur

Keyword : breeders' role, genetical manipulation, industrial revolution 4.0, Prof. Muhammad Syukur