Unique! IPB Community Members Can Exchange Trash with Souvenirs

Every college must have regulations in maintaining cleanliness in the campus environment. In this case, the IPB University(IPB) applies a different regulation than usual, here the IPB academic community can exchange trash with attractive souvenirs.

This was done by the Department of Resources and Environment Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB University(ESL FEM IPB) in collaboration with Agrianita IPB, Apparatus-Based Main Waste Bank (BASIBA) Bogor Environment Agency, Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM KM), Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF) Student Activity Unit (UKM) and IPB Faculty of Agriculture BEM.

The activity of exchanging rubbish with souvenirs named "Hey Swap Yo 202 (Hey Tayo 202)" and carrying the theme "Sorting Your Garbage and Break Free from Plastic" was carried out at four points namely Faculty of Agriculture Corridor, Agrimart 1 Court, Ecology Faculty Corridor Man and Canteen of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry. At these four points it is expected to become a gathering node for students from various faculties in IPB. "Just imagine the amount of garbage coming from the activities of 1,355 lecturers, 2,700 education staff and 30,000 students. According to a survey of IPB waste generation data that was carried out several months ago, garbage in IPB was 551,325.82 kilograms, equivalent to 12,094.38 cubic meters, "said Chair of Hey Tayo Activity 202, Bahroin Idris Tampubolon, SE, M.Sc.

The Hey Tayo 202 activity aims to educate about sorting waste from the source (waste producer) inside the IPB campus. Hey Tayo 202 is an activity to give appreciation to the academicians of IPB who have done sorting waste according to their categories. This garbage exchange activity is on a regular agenda every month by choosing memorable dates such as 202 (February 20), and is associated with the environmental agenda for that month. "Where February has a National Trash Day which falls on February 21, the IPB academic community can only carry inorganic waste (plastic, paper, cardboard, cans, etc.) to be exchanged for interesting souvenirs. And for the civitas who have donated at least one goodie bag of trash, they will get an appreciation in the form of a lunch package, stainless straw, tumbler or goodie bag for free, "continued Bahroin.

Bahroin added, the benefits of the Hey Tayo 202 activity were for the IPB community to get education on how to treat the garbage they produce every day. "For waste managers (Directorate General, Facilities and Infrastructure), it is expected that this movement can facilitate the processing of waste in the next stage. With IPB community members and activists, they must start to care about the environment, reduce the consumption of plastic and separate waste in a good way. The garbage that has been piled up can be donated to us through Hey Tayo. "The collected waste will be submitted to the Apparatus-Based Main Waste Bank (BASIBA), Bogor City Environment Agency," explained Bahroin.

Bahroin hopes that in the future Hey Tayo 202 activities can be duplicated by each Student Organization (Ormawa) in the faculty or the location they are planning. "This garbage exchange activity can be a trigger and a public movement to change the habit of disposing of garbage and improve Green Life to be successful in achieving the goal of IPB to become a Green Campus 2020," he said. (NR).

Published Date : 21-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Bahroin Idris Tampubolon, SE, M.Si.

Keyword : ESL FEM IPB, Waste Exchange, souvenirs, BASIBA, Hey Tayo 202