FEM of IPB Trains Students to Become Risk Management Experts

The Faculty of Economics Management (FEM) of IPB University held a Risk Management Training on Tuesday (19/2) at IPB Dramaga Campus. This training was initiated by IPB's Local Governance and Economic Development (LOGED) Research Unit in collaboration with PT Surveyor Indonesia and was attended by dozens of FEM of IPB students from undergraduate to doctoral levels.

Dr. A Faroby Falatehan, IPB LOGED Secretary said that this training aimed to make the students understand risk management well and to prepare them for certification to become risk management experts.

"IPB is currently focusing on implementing risk management, with certification from the chancellor to the department head. Now, risk management verification for students is also being developed, in collaboration with the National Standardization Agency (BSN) for online certification. Therefore, this training is indeed a preparation for them to participate in the future certification," said Dr. Faroby.

Meanwhile, Aris Gunawan, the speaker at the training explained that risk management arises from uncertainty. "There are always unexpected events. Therefore, in risk management, we will predict what events will likely occur," said Aris.

Aris continued that in risk management, the risks referred to are not only negative ones, but also positive risks, which are called opportunities. So that we need the ability to understand the right steps in managing the risks that will occur.

"Risk management starts from setting targets and work processes in achieving goals. If the risk is not managed properly, it will become a problem later on. With this, we can avoid shock in the middle of the process and we will not be surprised if suddenly there is unexpected trouble," said Aris. Aris said, setting these targets must be done in a smart way, which is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bond. "So we set targets clearly and specifically. They also have to be measurable. In terms of achievable, we have to determine the challenging objectives we want to achieve, so that the company's condition is not stagnant," he said.

Dr. Faroby hoped that this training will continue to be carried out on a broader scale, and later the participants participating in this training can pass the risk management certification, and this collaboration with PT Surveyor can keep going. (Rz/ris/ZSP)

Published Date : 21-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Dr. A Faroby Falatehan

Keyword : FEM of IPB, Risk Management Training, LOGED, Faroby Falatehan