IPB Vocational School Students Prepare Public Speaking Skills

Vocational School (SV), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) increase the ability of students in the field of public speaking. SV held a Seminar on Public Speaking (Space) IPB in 2018 with the theme "From Concept to Creation" at the House of Ivory Kemuning, Bogor (2/12). There are more than 300 participants who followed the event. Not only the students, the event was also attended by students and the general public.

The seminar Fathia Izzati   (Content Creator & YouTuber), Emilia Bassar (Communications Expert & Founder CPROCOM) and Derrie Arya (Professional MC & Announcer).

"From Concept To Creation has a sense of how a concept can produce an amazing creations and can be useful for many people, especially in the field of public speaking. Seminar was held to raise and increase the interest of everyone to Public Speaking, "Akmal said Rafi as Chairman P elaksana.

According to Akmal, Fathia Izzati invited because of his capacity as a YouTuber, Fathia has more than 550,000 subscribers. One of the most popular video is "21 ACCENT" which has been watched more than 1.5 million people.

Additionally, Emilia Bassar, Communications Expert & Founder CPROCOM invited to share their experiences working in the field of PR's for more than 17 years in various institutions. Meanwhile, Derrie Arya share of the beginning of her career in public speaking and communicating his experiences into MC / Host on TV.

"At this event, Derrie training vocal technique and some tips to hone skills of the MC to the participants of the seminar," he said. (AVR)

Published Date : 07-Dec-2018

Resource Person : Fathia Izzati, Derrie Arya, Emilia Bassar

Keyword : Vocational School of IPB, public speaking, Space IPB 2018, From Concept to Creation, Fathia Izzati, Derrie Arya, Emilia Bassar