Meeting of Indonesian Minister of Agriculture and BEM All Over Indonesia Produces Ciawi Declaration

Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman, claimed that the government has succeeded in suppressing inflation from 10.7 percent to 1.26 percent, increasing the effectiveness of the budget, increasing the value of exports and eradicating the agricultural mafia. The Ministry of Agriculture is also encouraging the development of agricultural technology innovations and creating superior commodities.

This was conveyed by Minister Amran during the meeting with 250 student representatives from the Student Executive Board (BEM) all over Indonesia in the Indonesian Agricultural Student Consolidation, Tuesday (3/12) at the Hall of Character Building Complex, Center for Agricultural Management and Leadership Training, Ciawi Bogor. This consolidation was held by the Bogor Agricultural University Alumni Association (HA of IPB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and BEM KM of IPB.

"Students are welcome to criticize the government regarding the development of the agriculture. Such consolidation must continue to be held, and if possible, it is also needed to present Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) engaged in agriculture," said Amran.

Before attending this consolidation, these students had conducted mapping and evaluation of national agricultural programs in 14 villages within 5 clusters in 6 provinces. Mapping was held for three days on 26-29 November 2018.

The mapping was carried out to analyze the existing agricultural program conditions, both from the aspects of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges possessed, to analyze the rural potential owned, to find out community expectations for village development, and to provide strategic and functional recommendations.

From the results of the survey, it was found that there were still many village potentials, especially agriculture, that have to be developed. For this reason, Indonesian agricultural students agreed and committed to realizing Indonesian food and agriculture sovereignty. This commitment was realized by making a pledge of the Ciawi Declaration which was attended by all participants and witnessed by the Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman.

There were eight commitments pledged, namely: One, implementing the results of the national consolidated meeting of Indonesian agricultural students as formulated. Two, accelerating the growth of young Indonesian farmers by continuing to foster themselves by sharpening various competencies related to agriculture in accordance with their respective college backgrounds. Three, improving effective cooperation and helping each other in the implementation, development and improvement of student programs that support the progress of sustainable Indonesian agricultural development. Four, maintaining relations and synergy with all Indonesian agricultural stakeholders. Five, promoting agricultural entrepreneurship as the prime mover of job creation, independence and regional economic empowerment. Six, requesting the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia to be more intense in communicating programs implemented to the community and absorbing the aspirations conveyed by the community and stakeholders. Seven, guarding every program of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia in each region so that it is carried out as well as possible and siding with the welfare of farmers. And the last one, holding the annual agenda of the national consolidated meeting of Indonesian agricultural students as a forum for the implementation and control of the results of the Ciawi Declaration on an ongoing basis. (Rosyid/Zul/ZSP)

Published Date : 06-Dec-2018

Resource Person : Amran Sulaiman

Keyword : BEM of IPB, Indonesian BEM, Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman, Ciawi Declaration, agriculture