IPB Launches IPB Mobile for Parents

As one form of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)’s readiness in entering Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, IPB officially launches IPB Mobile for Parents application.

The application is a mobile application specifically targeted for IPB students’ parents or guardian. Inside the application, there are various features that can be used by parents to monitor the student’s activities in campus, including academic transcript, lecture schedule, attendance in classes, and tuition bills.

“This application is one of programs mandated by IPB Rector. With this application, parents don’t have to worry about leaving their child in IPB because they will be able to observe their child’s development and activities in campus,” said Ir. Julio Adisantoso, M.Kom, as the Director of Information System and Digital Transformation (DSITD) IPB.

The application managed by DSITD IPB can be downloaded by parents through Google Play Store for free. After downloading, parent can login by inserting their username and password given by IPB. If they don’t have an account, they can send an e-mail according to the guide provided inside the application.

“Parents will be asked to send e-mail with the student’s name and date of birth. Afterwards, IPB will cross-check the information given with the available database. The purpose is to avoid people abusing the application. If the data matches the database, the parents will be given username and password,” Julio explained.

Julio said that one of the reason IPB Mobile for Parents was developed is because the conventional delivery of academic transcript is ineffective since it needs a long time.

“By utilizing technology advancement, students’ parents will be easier and more quickly to access academic transcript. IPB Mobile for Parents has attained good responses from parents. There are already many e-mails received, requesting for accounts,” Julio added. (Ard)

Published Date : 26-Dec-2018

Resource Person : Ir. Julio Adisantoso, M.Kom

Keyword : IPB Mobile for Parents, parents, application