Hey Tayo, Sort Garbage, Get Food

Hey Tayo! Hey Tukar Sampah yo!

Lately, the general public must be familiar with the singing car "Tayo" cartoon car. This time the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) succeeded in making 'Tayo' which was different from Tayo in general. Initiated by the Department of Resource Economics and Environment (ESL) of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) of IPB, Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM KM), Faculty of Agriculture BEM, IGAF LC, and Professional Student Association (Himpro) Reesa IPB successfully held Hey Tayo (Hey Tukar Sampah Ayo!) At Dramaga's IPB Campus, Bogor (5/12).

Hey Tayo's activity was motivated by the results of the study of IPB waste generation carried out by the ESL-IPB Department. The results of the study stated that the estimated amount of organic waste was 188.80 tons/year, B3 waste was 7.54 tons/year and inorganic waste at IPB reached 146.7 tons per year. This is equivalent to 611 times the Seaworld aquarium, Jakarta.

The above facts succeeded in driving the enthusiasm of IPB students to take part in presenting waste management solutions. Among them, the real action is to socialize the garbage sorting culture that was held through this Hey Tayo activity.

Tayo is a program to exchange inorganic rubbish with free lunch. In addition to exchanging rubbish with food, in this activity also socializes the culture of sorting waste from the source.

The mechanism, the students brought at least one goodie for dry garbage, the garbage was collected to the Tayo committee, the committee checked the waste sorting, the committee weighed the garbage and students took food.

This program was welcomed by the Agrianita of the Faculty of Economics and Management and Dr. Meti Ekayani, S.Hut, M.Sc as Secretary of the ESL Department of IPB.

"I feel salute and proud of the enthusiasm and motivation of the civitas in managing IPB's waste, since being a volunteer in the study of waste generation to Tayo's activities. Appreciation is also for Agrianita IPB ladies who provide free lunches for this IPB Go Green activity," said Dr. Meti.

Dr. Meti, as the initiator of the garbage donation movement and lunch for green, also emphasized that the activity of sorting waste is the hardest activity and costs a lot in waste management. Because the amount is large and mixed. However, if the Hey Tayo program is massive and continuous, it is hoped that a culture of waste management can be created from the source. Civitas IPB will be aware and willing to sort and collect garbage to the parties that have been determined, to be reused even though there is no gift of garbage exchangers. Thus, this will help IPB towards zero waste.

As for Bahroin Idris Tampubolon, SE, MSi as Chairperson of Hey Tayo said that this activity was held as a form of invitation to increase awareness of the environment, especially in terms of managing waste. Hopes for the future Hey Tayo can run continuously and can be a trigger for the emergence of similar activities so that the volume of waste in IPB can be reduced.

"To the student organizations at IPB, hopefully it can mimic Hey Tayo's activities, so that more waste will be reduced. "This activity is not only beneficial for those who are directly involved, but it will also have an impact on social life where many individuals are more aware of waste management from the source," he concluded. (RYS)

Published Date : 07-Dec-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Meti Ekayani, S.Hut, M.Sc

Keyword : Hey Tayo, Hey Tukar Sampah yo, ESL IPB, BEM IPB, Himpro Reesa IPB