Bogor Is Ready To Become A Water Friendly City

Professor of the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin said that in order to create Water Friendly Cities in Greater Bogor (regencies and cities), it is necessary to transform the implementation of urban water treatment into a more sustainable system. Sensitive Cities (Water Sensitive Cities) or Water Friendly Cities is a concept of the city in the future where not only meets urban water needs, but how water resources while providing benefits to increase the comfort of living in the city and cities that have resilience (resilient ) and has resistance to water.

 "Bogor's abundant natural resources, hundreds of natural lakes, the famous Bogor Botanical Gardens (KRB) and the reputation of being the Rainy City are ideal for transforming into Water-Friendly Cities. "Water-friendly Bogor research activities have been carried out in the regions of Geulis Island, Griya Katulampa, Cibinong Raya and Sentul City located in Bogor city and regency," he said while giving Keynote Speech in Dissemination and Exhibition themed "Water Friendly Bogor" at IPB International Convention Center, (IICC). Bogor (4/12).

The Urban - Water Cluster Team (WSC) The Australia - Indonesia Center is supported by researchers from various universities (IPB, University of Indonesia (UI) and Monash University Australia) to hold this event to provide a strong foundation in overcoming the multidimensional challenges needed as a commitment in achieving sustainable development goals in Bogor.

"The WSC team has implemented a Water Friendly City framework in Bogor, both at the city and district levels to strengthen and facilitate sustainable water aspirations. The Water Friendly City approach includes cross-sectoral and integrated solutions that provide various benefits such as a healthy environment, the availability of water resources and a community that is mutually supportive, "he added.

Meanwhile, the Rector of IPB, Dr. In his speech Arif Satria said that the results of the experts' research were very useful in improving the quality of life of the community. This is also a valuable input for the Bogor city and district government in designing environmentally sound development, especially those related to the provision of water resources.

"Right now the clean water crisis is very high. For this reason, a synergy between stakeholders, such as academics, business, government, community and the media, is needed to unite, working together to create Bogor, both cities and counties, to become water-friendly cities, "said the Rector.

According to him the researchers have also collaborated with stakeholders and understood the local knowledge of the community about water systems in Bogor. Especially in the capacity of the concept of a water-friendly city (Water Sensitive City) whose role is important in building a resilient and livable city in the future.

The Rector added that the community was educated on the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy and respectful environment for clean water for present and future lives.

Present as a guest speaker from Monash University Australia, Prof. Diego Remirez, University of Indonesia, Dr. Dwinanti Rika Marthanti and was attended by the Director of Australia Indonesia, Kevin Evans, Head of the Bogor Regency Regional Planning and Development Agency, Dr. Syarifah Sofiah, M.Sc, Head of the Bogor City Regional Planning and Development Agency, Ir. Erna Hernawati, MBA, researchers, lecturers and private parties. (NR)

Published Date : 06-Dec-2018

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin

Keyword : Water Friendly Cities, Water-Friendly Bogor, WSC Team