Various Fisheries and Marine Science Innovations Showcased by FPIK IPB

With the advancement of age, the problems lingering in our society become more complex. Studies from various fields are needed to find out the right solution in solving current problems. The solutions are formulated to prepare ourselves against challenges in the future with integrated studies.

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK IPB) held FPIK IPB Divisions Expo 2018 in Sumardi Sastrakusumah Auditorium, FPIK IPB, IPB Dramaga campus, Bogor (12/11). This Expo was initiated by the drives from professors who saw many innovation potentials in FPIK IPB divisions that need to be introduced internally or externally. FPIK IPB intends to introduce the wide range of expertise that can be studied and develop in fisheries and marine science fields.

FPIK IPB’s Dean, Dr. Ir. Luky Adrianto, M.Sc said that fisheries and marine science disciplines are rooted from divisions. FPIK IPB has five departments, which are Aquaculture (BDP) Living Aquatic Resources Management (MSP), Aquatic Product Technology (THP), Fisheries Resources Utilization (PSP), and Marine Science and Technology (ITK). Each of them has divisions inside. In other words, the spearhead of the development of these sciences start from divisions.

“The divisions in FPIK IPB keep on developing. It is possible that each division to not really know what the other division has done. This event is conducted as the hospitality event for the divisions in FPIK IPB. Besides that, we hope the divisions will be integrated in applying their individual knowledge. I call it scientific division matching. The innovations made by each division can be integrated so there will be a more effective research method in fisheries and marine sciences.

The Head of the Expo, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sulistiono, M.Sc said that there are 20 divisions in FPIK IPB who have their own specialties. The specialties can be integrated so there will be a combined study that comes from various fields in fisheries and marine science.

Not only internal communities, there are also many high school students who attended this expo. (Ard)

Published Date : 14-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Ir. Luky Adrianto, M.Sc

Keyword : scientific integration, fisheries and marine science, division, innovation, specialty