IPB Students Create Online Comic “Jangan Jajan”, Diminishes the Negative Myth About Food

To educate community, especially children, to be cautious in consuming snacks, students from Department of Food Science and Technology (ITP) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) created online comic “Jangan Jajan". This educational comic is made by a group of students incorporated in Foody Project team.

This team consists of Ditta Hakha as writer, Tashia Agustin and Romadhan Guntur as marketing team, Ayeesha Alektra as infographist, Haidir Tamimi as journal searcher, and Alifa Sekarputri as comic artist.

Currently the comics that were made has been reached ten comics. There are three characters who has role in this comic those are Emir, Misselium and Ipang. Characteristic of each character varies according to hygiene and intelligence.

“In addition to online comic, “Jangan Jajan” also has been included in Student Creativity Program (PKM), the 25th Tri-U international seminar and symposium, collaborated with Prof. Dr. Dedi Fardiaz (Lecturer of Food Science and Technology IPB) in the National Widyakarya Food and Nutrition XI, also milk package design. We were also offered a publisher and now in the process of comic book production. In case of marketing, we had just offered the comic to National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM),” explained Tasshia.

Although there are several challenges such as limited number of comic artists, time management, and not yet on target, we hope “Jangan Jajan” can be a solution to improve food safety in Indonesia and can be useful for the readers. (qa)

Published Date : 16-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Tashia Agustin

Keyword : IPB Students Make Online Comic “Jangan Jajan”, Prof. Dr. Dedi Fardiaz (Lecturer of Food Science and Technology IPB), National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM)