IPB is Called to Join the Diplomacy of Agricultural Commodity Trade in the European Union

In the current era a new trend has developed in the world economy called Shadow New Protectionism. "So, it is as if these countries are trying to make protection from tariff wars and also existing policies. Of course this is a challenge for Indonesia how we should take part in taking advantage of the conflicts of the major countries. The Indonesian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Dr. Aulia Aman Rachman, will convey the struggle for Indonesian products at the EU trade negotiation table, especially the Czech Republic," said Dr. Ir. Nunung Nuryartono, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management at the 19th IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences, entitled "International Trade and Sustainable Agriculture", Monday (5/11) Dramaga Campus of IPB. This activity was organized by the Directorate of International Programs of IPB.

Dr. Aulia conveyed several important things related to trade politics between Indonesia, Czech and European Union. “Czech is a country that is very anti-discriminatory in international trade. Regarding the issue of Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Czech is a potential CPO importing country to become a target market. According to the Czech Statistical Office, Indonesia only ranks 8th as the exporter of CPO to the country. The majority of CPO exporters to the Czech Republic are neighboring countries, namely the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Austria which occupy the top four places for CPO exporters to the Czech Republic. Indeed, the Czech Republic does not have a dock for logistics because it does not have a coast, but I am sure that neighboring Czech countries can produce CPO and derivative products because they buy Indonesian palm oil from Singapore. That is what I hope we can all change so that we are able to process our palm oil and CPO to have more added value,” said Dr. Aulia.

Dr. Aulia explained the relationship between Indonesia and the Czech Republic in the field of higher education. "In the field of education, one of the most historic in Czech and Indonesian relations was when Bung Karno was awarded the title of Honoris Causa in law from Charles University Praha. Bung Karno was the leader of the first Asian country to get the title from the largest university in the Czech Republic. During my leadership at the Indonesian Embassy for the Czech Republic, there was also a historic moment when Palacky University collaborated with Udayana University to establish the first Indonesian Language Study Program in the Czech Republic. "There is also a cooperation program in the field of agricultural technology carried out by the Del Institute of Technology in Medan with CULS in Prague," explained Dr. Secure.

Specifically, Dr. Aulia said to IPB to continue to play a direct role in global trade diplomacy. "Now, we are facing very heavy challenges, especially in the trade diplomacy of agricultural products with the European Union. You have to know, that what was discussed in the diplomacy discussed very technical matters related to the agricultural production process, where one of its main products was CPO. Therefore, I think it is very important that IPB send its best professors and doctors to help the diplomacy accompany the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Trade. Now, the European Union is unceasingly implementing the black campaign on our flagship products, so I hope that IPB with a myriad of innovations can fight the black campaign," said Dr. Aulia. (FM)

Published Date : 08-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Ir. Nunung Nuryartono

Keyword : Uni Eropa, Republik Ceko, IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences, International Trade and Sustainable Agriculture