This is How New IPB University Students Commemorate Heroes' Day

With the turmoil between life and death, their flesh torn apart, blood dripping and even flowing on the earth, to the sacrifice of life which sometimes claimed their spirit of struggle.

All that for the sake of the Motherland!

Everything for the archipelago!

The struggle is for Indonesia! "

This is an excerpt of the oration of new students from IPB University when holding a memorial day for heroes, 10 November. The new IPB students who currently live in the Dormitory of the General Competency Education Program (PPKU) have a unique way of celebrating Heroes' Day. They performed speeches with the theme of Heroes' Image for Millennials. Not only that, this student also conducted a freeze on mobs in the area around the PPKU Dormitory, Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor (10/11).

Fathudin, Chair of the Dormitory Program Line said that the commemoration of the hero's day was carried out because for them hero day was the right moment to invite boarders to get to know and remember the struggles of heroes.

"They can idolize heroes according to their version so that national heroes can become role models for their lives. In addition, hero days can also serve to arouse the spirit of nationalism and pride in Indonesia. We invite young people to be able to appreciate and learn from previous heroes through speeches supported by writings and posters, "he said.

Fathudin hoped, this activity could revive the spirit of nationalism of the dormitory as a young generation who would later become heroes for the advancement of the Indonesian nation.

In addition to hundreds of students, this event was also attended by the Boarding Board Building, Boarding Discipline Cluster, Mosque Council and Boarding Club Management. (SM / Zul)

Published Date : 13-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Fathudin

Keyword : New Student of IPB University, IPB University Dormitory, around the dormitory