GenBi IPB Introduces Currency Value to Dozens People with Intellectual Disability

There are many ways for us to share with people, one of which is by giving encouragement for them to carry on with their lives and to help people with disabilities to achieve their dreams. That was done by a group of youths involved in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) GenBi organization. GenBi conducted a community service to 47 people with intellectual disability in the hall of Panti Sosial (social homes) Bina Grahita (PSBG), Ciungwanara, Bogor (24/11).

The knowledge about how to identify the authenticity of money is fundamentally needed for all Indonesians, including the disabled people. Because of that, in this program GenBi introduced the value of currency to people with intellectual disability to help them in avoiding being cheated on in transactions.

"We taught them about the value of currency while playing a game, so that those children are able to get the knowledge they need while also feeling happy," said Muhammad Hasan Ghazali as the Project Officer.

Afterwards, the participants were invited to exercise, create handicrafts, and introduced to Boneka Horta (Horta Dolls) produced by IPB alumni. The uniquely designed dolls that can be used to grow plants were given to them so that they can learn how to love plants.

"We hope this activity can benefit the disabled people in their lives," he said. (Ard)

Published Date : 29-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Muhammad Hasan Ghazali

Keyword : GenBi, intellectual disability, Panti Sosial Bina Grahita