Applying Animal Welfare Science, Students of FKB IPB Serve in Petir Village

The Ruminant Professional Association of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University (FKH IPB) implemented a community service program entitled "Devotional Services of Ruminansia 2018" which was held on March 25 – November 4 2018. This activity consisted of Goes to Field (RGTF), Visit to Slaughterhouses, Physical Examination, and Ruminant Action Project.

The closing of this series of community service program activities was a socialization of "Animal Management for Optimizing Livestock and Farmer Welfare" in RW 05 Petir Village, Bogor, West Java (11/4).

In his remarks, Nadi, as a member of the Petir Village Consultative Body, said that the main problem faced by farmers at this time is cattle theft.

"Actually the problem that we are facing right now is the number of cattle theft cases in Petir Village. Even so, I still support this outreach program, because the health of our livestock also determines the selling price of the livestock itself, let alone in general we here are just fattening the livestock. Therefore, we want our livestock to be always healthy so that the selling price of our livestock is also good," he said.

This activity presented two alumni of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB, Dede Irwan, SKH and Arie Muhammad, SKH. According to Dede, there are five things that are the main indicators of animal welfare. First, to ensure that animals do not feel thirsty and hungry, ensure that animals have a comfortable cage, are free to carry out their natural behavior and are free from fear and also depressed. "Animal welfare is a very important thing to consider when we want to carry out the process of fattening livestock," he said.

Meanwhile, Arie Muhammad recounted his experience while carrying out service in Sumatra. "Actually, security issue is certainly very crucial, especially the problem of theft. When I was serving in Sumatra, they always checked all incoming cars in the village I lived in. And it turns out that this method can reduce the number of cattle theft. The thieves committed their crimes in an organized manner. Therefore, all parties must help each other to maintain livestock security in this Petir Village," explained Arie. (RYF)

Published Date : 08-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Nadi

Keyword : Ruminant Professional Association, 2018 Ruminant Service, community service, FKH IPB