Already Fly to 16 Countries, IPB Students Win International Junior Forest Contest in Russia

Mahtuf Ikhsan, a student from the Forest Management Department (MNH), Faculty of Forestry (Fahutan), Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) has set foot in 16 countries. His departure was not only having fun but carrying the good name of IPB and Indonesia. Like the trip he did recently in Moscow, Russia precisely on September 17-21 2018.

"I was a participant in the 2018 XV International Junior Forest Contest event. The event is an annual event organized by The Federal Agency for Forestry and is still under the auspices of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation," he said.

This year, the competition took place at Hotel Planernoye, Moscow, Russia and was attended by 28 participants from different countries. "Every country can only be represented by one participant. Each participant may include his supervisor. However, I left alone and was very grateful when there the committee was very friendly and very helpful, "Mahtuf recalled.

Before he flew to the white bear country, he had to collect paper projects that would later have to be presented to the audience and the jury when the race took place. The idea he brought was about the development of mahogany leaves as an alternative energy substitute for batteries. The reason he chose the topic was because it was applicable in Indonesia and the crucial function of the battery in a machine.

This fifth semester Fahutan student admitted that he never thought he would bring home the title of The Third Winner (Bronze Medal) in the prestigious competition. Because the ideas and appearances of other countries are very good and attract the attention of the jury.

Despite being a star, he remains humble and visionary. For him to appreciate time is to respect life. He did not hesitate to share his knowledge with anyone.

"The competition is very challenging, hoping that next year IPB students can represent Indonesia and can bring good news again. Tips from me, must be proactive in seeking information and often for guidance to lecturers, "Mahtuf concluded. (NR)

Published Date : 11-Oct-2018

Resource Person : Mahtuf Ikhsan

Keyword : Mahtuf Ikhsan, MNH IPB, 16 negara, Junior Forest Contest, The Third Winner