Fapet IPB and FLPI Agree to Improve the Quality of Welfare for Living Animals

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in collaboration with the Indonesian Animal Logistics Forum (FLPI) held a Workshop on "Improving Animal Welfare in the Transport of Living Animals in Indonesia", Friday (12/10), at the IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor.

Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry IPB, Dr. In his speech, Mohamad Yamin said that livestock security transportation methods and transportation policies in Indonesia need serious handling related to animal welfare during transportation. "Transportation is an important element in the livestock industry. In the inter-island livestock supply chain, transportation can take several days and involve ships, while in short chains between regions such as Bogor to Jakarta involve trucks and the duration of transportation can vary from 1 hour or a maximum of 1.5 days, "said Dr. Yamin.

Dr. Yamin added, this activity was to socialize and implement government policies related to animal transportation for animal welfare and provide an understanding to the public about the comprehensive application of animal welfare policies related to livestock transportation.

FLPI Chairperson, Prof. Dr. Luki Abdullah explained that the Indonesian livestock sector is still facing challenges in supplying livestock to various regions, one of which is the issue of livestock transportation which must be immediately improved so as to meet animal welfare standards. "One of FLPI's main goals is to provide policy recommendations to the government regarding animal logistics, especially livestock and poultry products. "Animal welfare during livestock transportation or the transport of live animals is an important priority in the formulation of policies and their implementation," he said.

According to Prof. Luki, the vehicle in this case the container must be designed which provides protection against bad weather and to minimize opportunities for animals to escape. To minimize the possibility of spreading the disease during transportation, vehicles and containers must be designed to be cleaned so that vehicles are comfortable on the way and livestock will remain healthy.

The hope of this activity can be developed into aspects of animal welfare in animal transportation which are then implemented or applied in animal logistics teaching materials in universities.

Also present as speakers were Eddy Wijayanto, Founder of PT. Sapibagus, Tri Nugrahwanto, Director of PT. Tanjung Unggul Mandiri, Sudarno, Head of Logistics of PT. Sierad Produce Indonesia Tbk and Dr. Ross Ainsworth, Northern Territory Exporters Association of Australia. This activity was also attended by officials or representatives of various stakeholders including: Drh. Arfiani, M.Si, MM from the Directorate of Management and Marketing of Animal Husbandry, Directorate General of PKH, drh. Dian Puji Rahayu from Cilegon City Food and Agriculture Office, Dr. M. Rizal Taufikkurohman from Jakarta Trilogy University, Ir. Hasanuddin Yasin, MM from the Indonesian Cooling Chain Association (ARPI), IPB Faculty of Animal Husbandry Lecturer and IPB Animal Husbandry Logistics Study Program S2 student. (Awl / ris)

Published Date : 15-Oct-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Mohamad Yamin dan Prof. Dr. Luki Abdullah

Keyword : Faculty of Animal Husbandry, FLPI, Workshop, Animal Welfare, Transport of Living Animals