Commemorating the 73rd Anniversary of RI, IPB Holds Talks "Indonesia Diaspora Series"

In welcoming the 73rd Anniversary (HUT) of the Republic of Indonesia, the Bogor Institute of Agriculture's International Program Directorate held the IPB Talks on Complexity and Sustainability Sciences "Indonesia Diaspora Series" on Wednesday (15/8) at Dramaga IPB. This activity was attended by students from both IPB and students from other campuses. The event presented speakers from the young diaspora, Dr. Bagus Putra Muljadi and Dr. Hutomo S. Wasisto. These two young doctors were presented to the country by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in a series of 2018 World Class Scholar Symposiums attended by the International Indonesian Scientists Association and the Indonesian Young Scientists Academy.

Dr. Berry Juliandi as the person in charge of the IPB Talks Program expressed her tremendous appreciation for the presence of these two very inspiring young doctors. "I am very happy because we can bring special and best speakers from the youngest and most successful Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Diaspora. I hope we all get results from today's meeting, such as collaboration, student exchanges or teaching staff that can improve scientific development in Indonesia, "said Dr. Berry.

Dr. Bagus said that Indonesia has great potential for the sustainability of world energy. "Indonesia has the largest geothermal potential in the world as a new energy source, which is 40 percent of the total in the world, Indonesia. If Indonesia can manage it well, the world can depend on its energy resources to Indonesia, "explained Dr Bagus.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hutomo conveyed about the application of nanotechnology in various needs. "We can find various kinds of nano in this life, such as nano sprey. So nanothecnology is special, because nano can expand the surface and can connect something that cannot be connected. Nanotechnology can be used to break down the smallest particles, "explained Dr. Hutomo.

One of the IPB Talks participants conveyed a lot of inspiration from this activity. "I feel very happy because I feel that the knowledge gained is related to my knowledge, namely environmental management. It is very interesting to be further elaborated, such as nanotechnology for smart city, "said Indarti, a participant from Pakuan University in Bogor.(jhn)

Published Date : 19-Aug-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Bagus Putra Muljadi dan Dr. Hutomo S. Wasisto

Keyword : Commemorating the 73rd Anniversary of RI, IPB Holds Talks "Indonesia Diaspora Series"