IPB Student Participated Summer Research Program in Japan

Suci Hermita, student from Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (FMIPA IPB) succeed participating Summer Research Program in Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, at Tsukuba University, Japan.

This program was held on July 23rd to August 4th 2018. Suci attended this program with other 41 participants from Indonesia, England, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, China and Germany.

“This program aims to introduce the research system and atmosphere in Tsukuba University, especially in Faculty of Medicine and Environmental Sciences. We conducted research in laboratory about specific topic for two weeks. We also supervised and guided by a professor and a teaching assistant,” Suci said.

Suci choosed Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology at there. She conducted a research about the effects of four phytochemical compounds in reducing oxidative stress through in vivo using zebrafish as experimental animal.

“We conducted this research during weekdays. I was directly supervised by Prof. Dr. Makoto Kobayashi and assisted by Yuka Endo as my teaching assistant. This research is a part of Professor’s project which has not been done before,” she conveyed.

The result of this research has shown that eugenol compound has good potency in reducing oxidative stress in zebrafish. Then, this result was reported and presented at there. In that program, Suci is one of 10 Top Participants.

According to Suci, during this program she learned many knowledge about zebrafish handling and many experimentation instruments that she had not used before. Suci hopes her research’s result can bring advantage for the project progress, especially about oxidative stress. “I hope that I will be able to continue this research any further until it can be published,” she said.

This student who is one of Aktivis Nusantara Scholarship Awardees and active as General Secretary of Students Activity Unit (UKM) Forces IPB stated that she is very grateful was given opportunity to participate this summer research program. “Through this program I learned a lot about research system in Japan. I also met friends from other countries, so we can do culture exchange and broadened our network,” she added. (qa)

Published Date : 10-Aug-2018

Resource Person : Suci Hermita

Keyword : IPB Student Participated Summer Research Program in Japan