Today the New Student Candidates of IPB from the OSIS Leader Selection Program Are Currently Doing Registration

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) feels that selection processes such as the National Socialization Seletion for Higher Education Entrance (SNMPTN) and the Collective Entrance Selection for Higher Education (SBMPTN) this far has given many oppurtunites for bright students. Sadly, there isn’t any special selection process which facilitats students who have exceptional leadership skills. Therefore, for the year 2018 IPB has added a new selection process which is the enrollment for freshmen which is called the OSIS leader’s selection program.   

IPB has a large commitment towards creating nation leaders, this commitment is than realized through a number of steps and systematic processes. One of these new enrollment selection processes are through the OSIS Leader selection program. This special OSIS Leader selection program or leadership talent selection process is one of IPB’s newest innovations. There are around 1.288 OSIS Leaders who have enrolled through this selection process.

Chandra Akbar, a graduate of SMAN 17 Makassar, South Sulawesi is now officialy a freshman of IPB and has gone through the second step of registration at Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW) IPB Campus Dramaga (8/8). Chandra has successfully become a freshman of the Business School of IPB though the OSIS Leader Program which has been officially opened by IPB this year.

Chandra is one of the 137 OSIS Leader’s from the entire nation of Indonesia which is a current candidate as an IPB freshman. They all originate from Aceh, Jambi, West Sumatera, North Sulawesi, Central Java, DKI Jakarta, DIY Yogyakarta, Banten, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), Bali, Bengkulu, South Sulawesi, Central Kalimantan, The Isles of Riau, East Java, West Java, South Sumatera, and Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).

Chandra, as the fourth child out of five children has said that this OSIS Leader Selection Process is one of the only selection processes that he has joined to continue his education for National Higher Education (PTN). Chandra is determined that he will be accepted in IPB which lead him to not enroll in other Higher Educational Institutions

“My parents wanted me continue my education by taking business. Alhamdulillah IPB opened a Business School and there was a OSIS Leader selection program,” says the Champion of Paskibraka for the province level.

According to him IPB as one of the prestigious Higher Educational Institutions would like to increase their input and output of graduates. IPB sees that the community needs young leaders, so this new selection process was opened where the candidates would be those who already have the potential to become a leader. “Of course here in IPB we will be pushed so that these leadership characters can become further more ready and stronger to face the nations challenges in the future. And here we are, ready to take on this responsibility,” he explains.

Besides Chandra, there is also Ingawaey Gianta Pratama, the Leader of OSIS at SMAN 1 Praya, Central Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). He is the first child of three children and has successfully become a student at the Department of Management Faculty of Economics and

“IPB currently is preparing young leaders for the future. This (OSIS Leadership Selection Process) is very important because there are many OSIS Leaders who have the potential to become a leader but sometimes there skills are halted during high school. I am very proud to be able to enroll to IPB through the OSIS Leader Program,” he says.

During his highschool years, Ingawaey Gianta Pratama or more commonly known as Tata has been awarded Best Guitarist, has become a finalist in a group nasyid contest at the national level and has become a part of the committee of many national agendas. “In every committee, I have always been chosen as the leader,” he says. (AVR)

Published Date : 09-Aug-2018

Resource Person : Chandra Akbar

Keyword : Today the New Student Candidates of IPB from the OSIS Leader Selection Program Are Currently Doing Registration