Message of IPB Rector at National Seminar of Agroindustry

Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (TIN-Fateta) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) held a National Seminar on Agroindustry 2018 titled 'Agroindustrial Innovation Facing Industrial Era 4.0', Thursday (26/7), at IPB International Convention Center (IICC). Vice Dean for Resources, Cooperation and Development of Faculty of Agricultural Technology, (Fateta IPB), Prof. Dr. Slamet Budiyanto said, with the theme it is expected to encourage the participants to continue to innovate, so that there is a shift based on intellectual property to industrialization. "With this seminar, it is expected to encourage students and lecturers not to stop on the protection of intellectual property, but can develop innovation in the real world and become a medium of communication. Invention that can lead to innovation is very important to improve the competitiveness of the nation, "said Prof. Slamet.

Consequently, universities should be able to produce human resources and innovations that are capable of the development of innovative and sustainable agroindustry systems. Entering the agroindustry era 4.0, it takes the ability of internet of things technology including in integrating the components of agroindustry system, the ability of utilization of digital technology (e-smart) to increase productivity. In addition, it needs big data efficiency and industrial system automation that can optimize production scheduling and supply chain based on supplier's requirement, customer, machine availability and cost constraints. "One of the Indonesian government's strategy in facing the industry era 4.0 is through the development of technological innovation through start-up development by facilitating business incubation place," he explained.

Rector of IPB, Dr. Arif Satria conveyed, "Congratulations to the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology which has held the National Seminar Agroindustry 2018 themed 'Innovation Agroindustry Facing Era of Industry 4.0'. When we talk agro-industry is not merely a product talk. But we must also talk ecosystems. If we are not able to understand the ecosystem properly we will have trouble. "

Rector of IPB conveyed in industry 4.0, the demand for trust is higher. "In an era of disruption everything changes fast. Full of uncertainty. We can buy a rating to guarantee the trust. In this era everything is transparent". According to IPB Rector, the future business is not solely digital business but also trust.

Rector of IPB added, nowadays, innovation is not only the product base but also the base platform. So what happens today is the competition between platforms. More and more people are offering platforms. "IPB always strives to be at the forefront. New ecosystems expect up to date innovation. We adjust to the new platform. IPB continues to create a new climate of innovation, new teaching methods and 10 percent are expected to be online-based," said Rector of IPB.

Regarding the role of agroindustry, Prof. Suprihatin, Head of the Department of Agroindustrial Technology IPB, said that agroindustry can be a mode for the process of shaping the added value of agricultural products and can act as a link of production and marketing of agricultural products in Indonesia. It means the development of agroindustry needs to be directed to integrate upstream and downstream aspects in the agribusiness system on a continuous basis. In addition to being a source of foreign exchange, the development of these agro-industries can directly expand the employment that forms the source of funds one of the spearheads of regional economic development.

Agroindustry is capable of producing environmentally friendly products (biodegradable, reuseable, recycleable and durable), substituting non-renewable materials and energy, avoiding or minimizing the use of toxic chemicals, and minimizing emissions (solids, liquids and gases). The potential of application space for technological innovation and commercialization is enormous, including new materials technologies (biomaterials, bioproducts), new / renewable energy, process and systems technology, and waste utilization technologies. (RYF)

Published Date : 27-Jul-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : Message of IPB Rector at National Seminar of Agroindustry