IPB Students Designs Swim Dream, a Practical Women Swimsuit

Many innovations were found in this modern era, especially an innovation as a solution to a problem in Indonesia, like robe (gamis) swimsuit that was created by five students of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). They helped women in hijab to swim.

Those five students, Muhammad Hafiz Ambiya, Elfiana Nur Fitriani, Ratna Sholatia, Siti Nurjanah, and Nasikhudin, channeled their ideas of gamis­-type swimsuit through Student Creativity Program in Entrepreneurship (PKM-K). They proposed a title of: "Swim Dream: Swimming Robe as a Transformation of Skirt Pants as a Bright Solution of Syar'i Swimsuit" that was supervised by Dr. Eko Sri Wiyono, S.Pi, M.Si.

"There was this restlessness that was suffered by our fellow female students from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences that often conducted a swimming practice but did not have a syar'i swimsuit (covering aurat). That made us think of how to design a syar'i clothing that is also safe to be used while swimming," said Hafiz as the team leader of Swim Dream.

The model of the swimsuit was made like the generally seen gamis, but it had zippers on the under front and back, so it could transform to pants when it was worn to swim. One package of gamis that was sold by Swim Dream team consisted of gamis, legging, and hijab. It was sold at Rp. 285.000. The hijab part was designed to be wide enough to cover the breasts. There were also ropes in the left and right side on the hijab to bond it and to cover the face when swimming.

"What differentiates our gamis from the others is that this gamis can be transformed into pants. So when you want to swim, this gamis swimsuit can be used from home, because the model is long like gamis,” added Hafiz.

Not only promoting through social media like Instagram, Facebook, and LINE, the Swim Dream Team also distributed brochures in IPB areas along while distributing free tajkil in last Ramadhan to introduce the innovation.

"We hope that the existence of this gamis swimsuit from Swim Dream would ease the Muslimah  to dress syar'i and would not get any difficulty in changing clothes before swimming. With Swim Dream, everything is more practical," ended Hafiz. (CN)

Published Date : 17-Jul-2018

Resource Person : Muhammaf Hafiz Ambiya, Elfiana Nur Fitriani, Ratna Sholatia, Siti Nurjanah, dan Nasikhudin

Keyword : IPB Students Designs Swim Dream, a Practical Women Swimsuit