IPB Holds a Workshop on Integrated Waste Management Concept

IPB Waste Management (IWM) team successfully held a Mini Workshop related to the discussion of a good waste management concept in campus environment. Integrated waste management rules become one of the main solutions of waste problems affecting the environment. IPB plans to become an initiator as an educational institution that has a concept of an integrated waste management system in campus. This Mini Workshop, conducted at Saung Hijau, Cikoneng Ciomas Bogor (5/6), run smoothly.

The discussion of this concept involved IPB experts, IPB officials, student representatives, Agrianita, and practitioners of waste management.

IPB, as an institution with a population of more than 30,000 people, continues to be committed to improve and develop good waste management system and facility. Organic and inorganic waste is currently only collected, transported, and dumped in a corner of the campus area on the banks of Cikabayan river. This condition then needs an integrated waste management effort. This workshop is an effort to finalize an integrated waste management design at IPB Campus as a material for the preparation of the engineering detail and waste management program at IPB.

"We have been carrying the concept of waste management since last February, after we successfully conducted a waste evocation study at IPB involving 280 students as environmental volunteers to obtain data on the characteristics of waste evocation in IPB. There are four plans of waste management technology at IPB, namely the utilization of food waste as fertilizer, the change of animal waste into biogas, selling value of inorganic waste, and other less-valued waste for electricity. This workshop created an agreement on integrated waste management design at IPB Campus and the role of partnership in the development of IWM," said Dr. Meti Ekayani, the team driver of IWM.

This workshop was also attended by representatives of the IPB Alumni Association, Mr. Budi Rahardjo, S.Hut, who described the concept of partnership and IWM funding. IPB wants to strengthen its relationship with its alumni association and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the company so that the waste management program is well realized.

"Integrated waste management at IPB can become an education material for IPB residents, including students, to pay attention to waste and environment issue. We will strengthen our relationship with alumni and CSR prioritizing the waste management at IPB campus as a form of waste management commitment in educational institution," said Mr. Budi Rahardjo, alumnus of the Faculty of Forestry of IPB.

Preparation of the development design of integrated waste management center of IPB (Integrated IWM) also involved the experts who are practitioners experiencing the waste management. The presentation of IWM design was delivered directly by Ms. Sri Wahyuni, MP, from PT. SWEN Inovasi Transfer (SWEN IT) who is also an alumnus of IPB.

According to Ms. Sri, IPB has the potential to become a campus initiator which runs the concept of integrated waste management. Sorting waste, managing, recycling and utilizing biogas at IPB can be a solution to waste problem and as an environmentally friendly alternative energy source. If the concept of waste management at IPB runs well, IPB will become an example for other institutions in the development of integrated waste management concept.

The workshop on integrated waste management concept at IPB campus was also attended by a number of IPB officials, team of Korindo Group, and team of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia. IPB Integrated Waste Management Plan is an effort form of IPB commitment as Green Campus to increase awareness of IPB to the environment and to improve the position of IPB in the ranking of Green Metric World University Rankings. (**/ZSP/Zul)

Published Date : 11-Jun-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Meti Ekayani

Keyword : IPB Holds a Workshop on Integrated Waste Management Concept