"Fish Colla" Bring IPB Students 2nd Winner of National LKTI

Bogor Agricultural University students (IPB) again showed their achievements in the national arena. This time, the two students successfully won 2nd place on the National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) at Darussalam University, Gontor, Ponorogo. This prestigious event was held on 14-15 April 2018.

They are Indomora Naibaho and Joko Ahadi Priyanto. Both are students from the Department of Aquatic Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK). Both of these students created a collagenized drink from the skin of mackerel fish which they named "Fish Colla".

"The competition is actually reserved for students from health majors. There we competed with students from majoring in pharmacy, medicine, and veterinary medicine. Only the two of us are from the fisheries department, "said Mora.

According to Mora, the reason they can win in this race is because they bring the product they managed to make. "The average new competitor displays an unrealized idea. Our product also has added value because it comes from waste in the form of fish skin side, "he explained.

The initial idea of ??"Fish Colla" stems from Mora's interest in the courses in his department. "I even have a slide of courses that I have not learned. I also often pay attention to upper classmates in the middle of their researches, so this idea came up to make a drink collagen. "

Guided by Prof. Nurjanah, Lecturer of Department of Aquatic Product Technology, FPIK IPB, both of these students reincorporated their ideas on the National Essay Competition of UMRAH "LESIUM" 2018 at Maritime University of Raja Ali Haji Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands. "It's been in the top 15 and will be a presentation there," he said.

They are both very grateful and happy to be able to give the best to the department. "Our hope that we can continue to honor the name of department, faculty, even IPB."

Indomora, one of the achievers of this achievement is also known to be quite active to follow competitions. He has also won 2nd National Food Competition Contest at Tirtayasa University, Banten and 2nd Place Business Plan at IPB Level which was held by IPB Competence Education Program (PPKU). Mora is also a Student of Bidikmisi Achievement Year 2017 and a Sociopreneur Scholarship recipient from Bank Syariah Mandiri.

Asked about his secret of success, Mora argues that whatever is in front, do it, do not be avoided. "My principle, do not we expect anything, if we do not do something," he added. (DMR).

Published Date : 11-Jun-2018

Resource Person : Indomora Naibaho dan Joko Ahadi Priyanto

Keyword : "Fish Colla" Bring IPB Students 2nd Winner of National LKTI