Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) will be Hosting Various International Seminars/Workshops in 2018

As one of many efforts to improve university’s performance, IPB has been organizing various internationalization programs since many years ago. The departments and research centers of IPB are encouraged to hold international seminar as the form of internationalization program. Through “International Seminar/Workshop Support Program”, IPB offers the opportunity and the facility for faculties, departments, research centers and other working units to be granted with financial support for organizing their international seminars. Furthermore, the grants from IPB will support the organizers to publish the papers written by the researchers who take part on the seminars in Scopus-indexed proceedings. The support program was getting great response from seminar organizers that through a number of selections, 11 international seminars were chosen to be supported by the grants. These seminars will be held in 2018, starting from July.

A number of researchers from various countries will be gathering in The 6th International Conference on Biomass Science 2018 at 31 July 2018 to discuss about bioenergy and biomass utilization. The seminar is organized by SBRC & Biomass Division, Japan Institute of Energy. Previously in 2017, the 6th ACBS was held in Penang, Malaysia as an Asian-level conference. In 2018, the city of Bogor is given the opportunity to be the venue of the seminar which focuses on quality improvement of biomass in the regions within ASEAN. In August, on 1 – 2 August to be exact, a bioenergy seminar with the title The 3rd International Conference on Biomass: Accelerating the Technical Development and Commersialization for Sustainable Bio-based Products and Energy will be carried on in IPB. Both conferences are now calling for papers and for researchers who are willing to disseminate their research results. Considering the increasing awareness toward renewable energy, these conferences can be the mediator to initiate discussions between experts and as for the researchers, these conferences will publish their papers in Scopus-indexed international proceedings.

For researchers whose works are mainly focused on agriculture, IPB will be hosting The 4th International Seminar on Animal Industry 2018 on 28 – 30 August which focuses on live-stocks production system. This seminar is a continuous effort of Faculty of Animal Science to disseminate the latest research in the field of stockbreeding production. On 20 – 21 September, IPB will be hosting International Conference on Digital Agriculture from Land to Consumer which aims to develop recent approaches, methods and technologies in crafting innovations and creating solutions to tackle agriculture problems in modern era. Moreover, by the end of 2018, on 15 – 16 November to be exact, Rural Socio-Economic Transformation: Agrarian, Ecology, Communication and Community Development Perspectives will be held. As the platform to gather experts and researchers, this seminar is expected to generate advice and solutions to deal with social, economy and ecology transformations in villages caused by capital expansion.

As a biodiversity campus, IPB will also hold interesting seminars that focus on biodiversity on land and marine ecosystems, which are The 3rd EMBRIO International Workshop on Marine Biodiversity: Understanding, Utilization and Conservation (2 – 3 October), Impact of Oil Palm Plantation on Physical and Chemical Environment, Biodiversity and Local Social Economic (23 October), and The 2nd International Conference on Integrated Coastal Management and Marine Biotechnology (14 – 15 November). This year, EMBRIO will be coming fresh. EMBRIO will organize international seminar followed by scientific writing consultation, which are a different structure compared to 2 years before. Forest and marine ecosystems are the hot potatoes in Indonesia, so that these seminars are expected to initiate discussions between researchers and policy makers to provide suitable and sustainable way to tackle today’s problems on both ecosystems.

In a changing world, universities are expected to always implement sciences and technologies into everyday life. Moreover, universities are also expected to implement multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches in scientific researches. Therefore, in 2018, IPB will host International Symposium on Transdisciplinary Approach for Knowledge Co-creation in Sustainability (13 September) as the platform to introduce trans-disciplinary approach to the researchers. The 5th International Seminar on Sciences (25 October) dan The 5th International Symposium on LAPAN – IPB SATELLITE (LISAT) (6 – 7 November) will be held as a form of sciences and technologies reinforcement.

For universities, internationalization is a way of enhancing quality rather than a goal in itself. It is not a choice that has to be considered, but a way to improve students’ competence and skills. International seminars as the platform and the mediator between experts, researchers and students to improve IPB’s performance at global level and to disseminate information through researches and scientific publication.

Published Date : 06-Jun-2018

Resource Person : Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)

Keyword : Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) will be Hosting Various International Seminars/Workshops in 2018