IPB Students Makes Village Around Campus as Interesting Tourist Village in Bogor

The team of Margajaya Thematic Village presents Pasar Rakyat Tani dan Cucurak Bersama in Pondok Syahir, Margajaya District, Bogor, Sunday (13/5). This event is attended by 68 undergraduated and graduated students and lecturer of Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Agriculture Insitut Pertanian Bogor (Faperta IPB). Margajaya farmers, Margajaya Women Farmers Group, members and officials Posdaya, Bappeda Bogor, village, supporting agencies, and community Margajaya. The series of event are Pasar Rakyat Tani, experts dialogue about developing Margajaya district as agro-tourism village, Expose Urban Farming as Village Campus program, and cucurak (dine together) to welcome holy month Ramadhan.

This event starts opening Pasar Rakyat Tani by Prof. Dr. Haryono Suyono as Posdaya founder. In his delivering speech, Agus Sapsilo, the head of Margajaya district says, he hopes this event not only ceremonial because Margajaya district placed on 2nd rank of Kampung Tematik (Thematic Village) in Bogor, but also as the starting point to incarnate the agro-tourism village can raise around Margajaya society livelihood. The related stakeholders also do the collaboration with IPB, Bappeda Bogor, Rumah Kepemimpinan, and other stakeholders to make realization of the suggestions. As the time being, eco-tourism concept shifts into agro-tourism because it is more suitable to the potential of Margajaya district.

“Now IPB has 323 of 828 innovations in Indonesia. I hope the innovations, especially Village Campus program can apply to field and increase society welfare. I also hope all this village potentials can utilize well. Besides KKN Tematik (Thematic Social Service program) IPB happens annually, we also have Collaboration Innovation Center to help society here to solve the complaints by using existent innovation,” says Prof. Sugeng Heri Suseno,, Vice Chairman of Community Service Division LPPM IPB. Dadang Suhardi as the representative of Bappeda Bogor hopes this collaboration do step by step and sustainable.

Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin, the lecture of Landscape Architecture Department IPB gives speech to citizen to apply “Empowerment courtyard for Families Food Security through the Urban Agriculture”. Prof. Hadi believes this implementation can become interesting landscape attractions and can fulfill food security for every family in Margajaya district.

“Village Campus program aims to help people to implement innovations in IPB by self-help concept. Thus, this program collaboration with university, local government, corporation, and self-help society or volunteer. Until now, there are 60 volunteers ready to become interviewees Village Campus consist of IPB lecturer, IPB professor, IPB alumni, also local government officials,” says Ir. Yannefri Bakhtiar, M.Si, as the Head of Assistance Division and Community Empowerment Center for Human Resource Development (P2SDM), Institute for Research and Community Service, LPPM IPB. (NR)

Published Date : 16-May-2018

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Haryono Suyono

Keyword : IPB Students Makes Village Around Campus as Interesting Tourist Village in Bogor