This Is the Student Organization of IPB that Focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Student organizations are often the venue for the birth of creative and successful youth. Student organizations have a significant impact in providing effective learning environments for students, preparing them to live and work in a global community. One of Student Organizations in Bogor Agricultural University is for professionals in marketing and agribusiness the  Association of Agribusiness Professional Student, of the Faculty of Economics and Management, of  Bogor Agricultural University (HIPMA FEMA IPB) strives to become the excellence profession association in human resource development in agriculture-based entrepreneurship.  

Fahrim Huzaimi, Chairman of HIPMA for 2018 explained, that HIPMA is a place for agribusiness academicians to develop their entrepreneurial competencies in horticulture and agribusiness. "The requirement to become a member of HIPMA, they should be students who are interested in agribusiness and have full commitment to HIPMA," said Fahrim.

With regard to entrepreneurship, the Association has the means and activities to spur the business spirit of the students and their members. As explained by Fahrim who is also a student of Agribusiness Department of cohort 52, there are entrepreneurial education leaning on value creation as a main goal for students. The learning program is the Story Program of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship, FORGRINS (FORUM MARKET AGRIBUSNIS) and its business mentoring.

"The Story of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program is a program that raises the successful story of agribusiness businessman. The goal is to spur agribusiness academicians to start their own business, then FORGRINS (FORUM MARKET AGRIBUSNIS) is the forum or marketing media for their in their products. While business mentoring is a discussion session between businessmen with both students and alumni," he said.

He explained that for the learning process, HIPMA trying to instill the entrepreneurial principle best dare to try, dare to take risks and never give up. Now there are some members who already have business with various developing products including Mubdi, Banana Business owner Rege, Sidqi, owner "Baso bowl", and Ilkham, the owner "IY Convection".

In the future HIPMA will continue to grow and increase its capacity in shaping young entrepreneurs based on agribusiness. "Our future plan will be the Business Coaching Clinic program, and also organizing  training course in export-import businesses," he said. (Wied)

Published Date : 05-Apr-2018

Resource Person : Fahrim Huzaimi

Keyword : This Is the Student Organization of IPB that Focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation