Students of SMAN 1 Padang Panjang Visit IPB Campus

The series of Goes to Campus event held by SMAN 1 Padang Panjang have successfully brought their students to the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Tuesday (10/4). This visit was greeted by Head of Promotion Division, IPB Communication Bureau, Dr. Drh. Mokhamad Fahrudin, at Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium, IPB Dramaga Campus.

"We are very grateful for the acceptance of our alumni here because there is a certainty about the future of the next generation. In addition, all majors in IPB are very close to the society needs and the public needs," said Hendrison, representative of SMAN 1 Padang Panjang in his speech.

He hopes that the students of SMAN 1 Padang Panjang can be accepted in IPB because this campus is conducive to maintain the religious values of its students.

Meanwhile, Dr.drh. M. Fahrudin explained that we also talk about agriculture which is the future asset of this nation when we talk about the foods. IPB is presented as a forum for future generation to maintain and develop the nation's future assets together with the nation's best generation. (TK)

Published Date : 16-Apr-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Drh. Mokhamad Fahrudin

Keyword : Students of SMAN 1 Padang Panjang Visit IPB Campus