Despite Raining, IKPB Tells about IPB with Passion

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) re-established cooperation with the Regional Student Organization (Omda) to hold IPB Goes To School (IGTS) 2018. IGTS held in Belitung was implemented at the end of January with the total schools visited as many as 10 schools and total high school students following the roadshow activities amounted to 627 students. The IGTS activity in Belitung were conducted by Family Association of Belitung Students (IKPB) Bogor Branch with a total of 24 members participating in the event.

According to students who were participants of IGTS, those who were previously still confused between continuing to study or not, are now motivated and begin to have a desire to continue education to higher degree.

"In addition, IGTS helps us to be more careful in choosing the majors based on our own interests. Hopefully this event will continue in the following years, and hopefully one of us in this room can follow this activity for the next year," said one of the students.

The distance between schools which is quite far coupled with rainy condition did not discourage the members of IKPB to provide in-depth information about IPB to the younger generation. They explained about the entry paths in IPB, job prospects of IPB graduates, and the majors in IPB.

"The rain does not reduce our intention to share information about IPB because that is where a sense of togetherness involves," said Chairman of IKPB, Sahrin Nugroho. (TK)

Published Date : 13-Mar-2018

Resource Person : Omda Ikatan Keluarga Pelajar Belitung (IKPB) Cabang Bogor

Keyword : Despite Raining, IKPB Tells about IPB with Passion