The Importance of Socio-Economic Interdisciplinary Approach for Agriculture and IPB

The substance of socio-economic as an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches of science is still indispensable, even more importantly applied in answering the challenges of current and future agriculture problems, although the reputations of both agriculture and socio-economic has declined. This statement became the outline of the IPB Agricultural Socio-economic Alumni Workshop on "Development of Agricultural Socio-Economic Thinking in Indonesia", IPB Baranangsiang Campus, Bogor (3/3).

The workshop was attended by approximately 50 alumni of IPB Agricultural Socioeconomic, including Arif Satria (Rector of IPB); Bayu Krisnamurthi (former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Minister of Trade); Bustanul Arifin (Professor of Unila); Suryo Adiwibowo (IPB environmental expert and former Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment RI); Lely Pelitasari (Vice Chairman of Ombudsman RI); Yuana Setiowati (Deputy Finance of Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises); and Hanawijaya (Director of Bank Jateng).

IPB Rector said, agricultural challenges and problems that will be faced by society today and in the future will be more severe and more complex. Therefore, IPB should be able to read the phenomenon and answer it.

"In the future, IPB will concentrate on developing the ability of its graduates as technopreneur and sociopreneur supported by strong leadership." IPB will complete its tridarma activity with gradual 'talent - scouting' from entry to graduate, and provide 'start- up school 'and business incubation, "said Rector.

Discussions developed and led to the importance of 'rebranding' agriculture in order to be able to attract the best talents of young Indonesians. All realize the importance of agriculture for the nation's survival. However, interest in agriculture continues to decline. Allegedly it is caused by the perception of young people to agriculture that is too narrow.

Environmental sustainability approaches, ecological balance, one-health system, inclusive agribusiness, food supply chains, political relationships with the exploitation of natural resources and poverty, and new perceptions of agriculture need to be disseminated. Identification of creative ability and leadership from an early age, which then fostered in institutions of higher education such as IPB, need to be developed. All of them do require an interdisciplinary socioeconomic (socio-economic) approach, linking science and caring, and community-oriented. The contribution role of IPB Agricultural Socio-economic Alumni is needed. (TK)

Published Date : 07-Mar-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : The Importance of Socio-Economic Interdisciplinary Approach for Agriculture and IPB