Youngest Participant From IPB Achieved Best Paper in Malaysis

Mahtuf Ikhsan, Student of Department of Forest Management, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) brought the name of Indonesia again in the event of international conference. He earned the Best Paper category in the 5th International Conference on Education, Law, Business and Interdiciplinary Research (ELBIS) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (21-22/11).

ELBIS is a regular world conference held annually by Emirates Research Publishing which is followed by participants from Spain, Denmark, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Africa, Singapore and Indonesia.

Mahtuf is the youngest participant. The average participants were students of master program, professors and associate professors.

The paper written by Mahtuf was entitled "The Role of Institution of Aspect to Create Community Forest Sustainability in Bogor Regency Indonesia". Under the guidance of Dr Ir Yulius Hero, M.Sc, Mahtuf described the existing community forest management in Bogor. He wanted to integrate the production process with the industry.

"Production from community forest can be directly connected with the industry, so the links on facilitation and funding of the people's forest can interact with the industry," he said.

He compared the management of community forests in Rumpin and Leuwiliang. From there, he knew that the forest management in Leuwiliang is better because the funds are sourced from cooperatives so it is more regular, while the funds in Rumpin comes from personal source.

"The method I use is in-depth interview using three analysis, namely stakeholder behaviour analysis, transaction cost analysis (transaction cost) and forest sustainability analysis," he said.

The results he obtained can be a policy recommendation for the government, especially the local government and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), in arranging the strategic map in the future plan of social forest management and more taking into consideration of the aspirations and needs of the community. "The hope of the community is the facilitation of financial aid and assistance on how to form a good cooperative as well as facilitation of forest maintenance (Silviculture Technique) in order to increase the productivity of community forest. (TK)

Published Date : 12-Jan-2018

Resource Person : Mahtuf Ikhsan

Keyword : Youngest Participant From IPB Achieved Best Paper in Malaysis