Tapai Yoghurt A la Students of IPB Won Food Competition

Food Product Development Competition (FPDC) is a national biannual competition for food product development in collaboration with Southeast Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology Center (SEAFAST) International Seminar. This national event was held at International Convention Center (IICC) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), recently. Participants came from a number of universities in Indonesia, from undergraduate level (S1) to S3 and lecturers.

This competition was not just about food product development, but also touched on promotion and business feasibility aspect. Participants listed in the top five of oral presentation should be able to showcase the business feasibility of innovation.

"The top ten participants are entitled to exhibit innovation products in 1st SEAFAST International Seminar and present the prototypes to some invited guests from Singapore and Indonesia, as well as seminar participants. And the top five teams are entitled to take the final oral presentation stage in front of the juries," said Danny.

Danny explained that the assessment in this event included innovation, product claims, uniqueness, consumers’ acceptance as well as ability to answer questions, analytical skills, presentation techniques and overall performance during the presentation.

"We produce T-Yoo, the innovation of yoghurt from cassava tapai material. So far, Indonesian cassava products are very minimal to be processed in the form of processed food," he said.

To increase the added value and develop the economy on the product, T-Yoo's team tries to develop a product of tapai yoghurt with authentic flavor which has functionality for consumers when it is consumed.

"Tapai which contains lots of lactic acid bacteria is very good as a source of probiotics. In addition, tapai extract used also contains a lot of water soluble fiber which is classified as prebiotic. Both compounds are good for digestive health, preventing gastrointestinal cancer and helping to reduce the risk of hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, " he explained.

With this innovation, T-Yoo's team hopes that their products can support the functional food trend in the global market and can be further developed for future product upgrades. (HS / NM)

Published Date : 12-Jan-2018

Resource Person : Danny Maulana

Keyword : Tapai Yoghurt A la Students of IPB Won Food Competition