IPB Students Created Perfume from Beluntas Leaves

Beluntas leaves (Pluchae indica) are commonly used by the community as food, vegetables, and herbal medicine. But by the students of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Beluntas leaves were transformed into perfume. The students consisted of Latiful Akbar (Department of Biology), Andriyani (Department of Nutrition Science and Feed Technology), and Auliya Fikri (Department of Biology), supervised by Mafrikhul Muttaqin, S. Si., M.Si.
Their research entitled Pluchaefume: Natural Perfume of Beluntas (Pluchae indica) as Agroindustrial Product with Digital Economy Based Marketing has successfully become the first winner in Taiwan. Latif and team presented their innovation in the Asian Pacific Agriculture Student Summit and Undergraduate Project Competition 2017 in Taiwan (23-25?/11).

"Pluchaefume is a natural perfume originated from beluntas leaves. I was inspired by my mother, when I was at Pati, who used to make food from beluntas leaves mixed with flour and then fried. My lecturer also used beluntas as deodorizer in duck meat. Seeing this potential, we want to use this leaf into something more valuable," said Andriyani one of the team members.

Another benefit of beluntas leaves is its flavanoid content that can lift free radicals. They carried the concept of natural perfume with digital economy-based marketing.
"Our focus point is not only to sell the perfume, it is expected that there will be more selling value from the beluntas leaves. We can also add its economic value. For example, in the future, the development of this perfume will create demand for beluntas. Beluntas is also easy to be cultivated and grow, so that people can plant beluntas and the leaves can be sold, "he said.

In the current millennial era, social media has a role to introduce products to the public. Perfume has become a need not just for young people but for all circles.

"This research is not yet fully completed, we will conduct further research to maximize the results,"

Andriyani concluded. (TK)

Published Date : 12-Jan-2018

Resource Person : Latiful Akbar (Departemen Biologi), Andriyani (Departemen Ilmu Nutrisi dan Teknologi Pakan), Auliya Fikri (Departemen Biologi)

Keyword : IPB Students Created Perfume from Beluntas Leaves