Industry in Digital Era, IPB Talk on Agroindustry 4.0 Held

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) discussed the preparation of agro-industry graduates adaptive to rapid changes through the event of IPB Talk on Agroindustry 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities for Human Resources in Agroindustry. The event was conducted as a cooperation of Directorate of Research and Innovation of IPB; IPB Science Technopark; Department of Industrial Technology of Agriculture, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (TIN - Fateta) of IPB; and the Indonesian Agro-industry Association. This activity was held in Mahogany Room of IPB Taman Kencana campus, Bogor (15/1).

Vice Rector for Research and Cooperation of IPB, Prof. Dr. Anas M. Fauzi conveyed that this event was closely related to how IPB, as a competent higher education institution, could be adaptive to rapid technological advances. "How the teaching materials can follow the development of digital technology. Through cooperation with Agroindustry Association, a forum for discussion, sharing, gathering and generating thoughts may be established and the results can be delivered to stakeholders and decision makers. The point is how this industry is heavily influenced by digital development," he said.

He said that the progress had been proven. For examples, at this time we no longer have to come to the restaurant and no longer have own agricultural distribution fleet (replaced by Go Box). Agrologistics also do not have to build large supermarkets. "Digital cyber, agrologistics, already exist everywhere," he added.

In this forum, he reminded that, however, agroindustry is part of the industry, so its core is strongly influenced by digital development. With agroindustry 4.0, there must be a breakthrough of all rotating cycles to be very short.

Head of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology and Intellectual Property, Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Sony Sulaksono, stated that the 3rdrevolution is electronic. However, now the 4th revolution has entered, already i or internet. "Present Farmers will talk about when the profit will be gained and in what percentage, they will no longer talk about what to plant. Farmers are already controlled by smartphones, there will be a great reduction in the number of workers, but there will also be new opportunities made possible by the revolution 4.0," he said.

Furthermore, he said, fundamental changes change the paradigm of mass production into a simple or flexible production. "This pattern is smiling curve, R and D which has the largest area. IPB is right to have Science Technopark," he said. (TK)

Published Date : 19-Jan-2018

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Anas M Fauzi

Keyword : Industry in Digital Era, IPB Talk on Agroindustry 4.0 Held