A proud achievement was reached again by three students from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), namely Sandi Fantea and Habibul Fuadi Hanif (Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering) and Rizuki Haryadi (Communication Science and Community Development (SKPM)). All of them won 2nd place at National Debate Competition ASF 2017 held at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University on 26-27 November 2017.

The theme of this competition was very interesting, namely "Achievements of President Jokowi’s Government in Leading Indonesia for 3 (three) Years". Students from various universities in Indonesia joined the competition. A total of 26 teams competed and tried to convey the argument and criticize the performance of three years governmental term and its achievements of the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia.

This competition required them to think critically towards President Jokowi's achievements. Interestingly many political, national and legal issues were discussed such as the issue of the capital transfer and the pros cons occurred if President Jokowi becomes the next president. This was very challenging for students, especially students of IPB.

"The theme of this debate competition is very interesting although it is out of our background. However, we are sure that we can follow the contest well. To win the debate contest, we need to understand the motion given and to take a close look at the strategy of the opposing team as well as how they debate, " said Sandi.

In the future, we hope that students will and must be able to be critical towards the problems and issues that occur in our country. "Discussing and examining the achievements of this country’s leader are parts of our contribution to the country, so we are wiser and more critical of something," he added. (UNA / NM)

Published Date : 12-Jan-2018

Resource Person : Sandi Fantea dan Habibul Fuadi Hanif serta Rizuki Haryadi

Keyword : Critizing The Performance of Jokowi, Students of IPB Won The National Debate Competition