To Produce Seaweed-based Products, A Professor Chair Holder of IPB Built Seaweed House

Professor Chair Holder of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof.Dr.Ir. Nurjanah developed  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) engaged in the processing of seaweed. There are four products developed namely Pomade, Lipbalm, Masker and Face Cream. This business has earned the status of Prospective Beginner Technology-Based Company (CBPPT) granted by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Directorate of Higher Education.

In addition for manufacturing the seaweed products,  the production site is also used as a place to sharpen or to train the entrepreneurship skills for students of IPB. Therefore, Prof. Nurjanah named it Seaweed House (RRL).

"The RRL was inaugurated on 2nd August 2017. Guests attended the inauguration Seaweed House among other were the full team of Seaweed House, consisted of lecturers in the division of raw materials of Department of Aquatic Product Technology, students under her supervision, and the community," she said.

The RRL is located at residence of Prof.  Nurjanah, at Anggraeni  Kavling, Blok A, RT 5 RW 3, Cihideung Ilir Village, Ciampea District. RRL employs mainly students who are at their final stage of study, they are employed to work together to develop the RRL function.

"Pomade has been circulated in the markets, it has been spread in various regions in Indonesia, so we build a production house to maintain the continuity of the products and  facilitate students for the production processes. It will be expanded when the business has developed," she said.

The Director of CV RRL, Ryan Fachrozan, stated the short-term target of RRL is to establish coordination with the company's partners. It medium-term program, will  open its outlets in various places, and in the long-term program, it planned to build Cafe Seaweed House to sell products with its  basic ingredients made of seaweed.

"Hopefully the RRL CV will employ many more people, its products will be accepted and utilized by the community at large, and its products will be recognized and marketed widely, and will utilize seaweeds for its raw materials which definitely is halal," she said. (Wied)

Published Date : 14-Sep-2017

Resource Person : Prof.Dr.Ir. Nurjanah

Keyword : To Produce Seaweed-based Products, A Professor Chair Holder of IPB Built Seaweed House