Secured IPB with Turjawali, Firman IPB Won the 1st Winner of Achievement Guard of IPB

Dedicating his time as a security guard, Firman Setya Nugraha determined to provide the best security. This determination also led him to become the 1st Winner of Achievement Guard of IPB in 2017 of the category of the security guard.

"When getting the first place, I feel proud and have a responsibility to defend the title to be better than before," said Firman.

Armed with portfolios, psychological tests, interviews and creative ideas, Firman took the courage to follow the selection as the achievement guard. "The creative idea that I give is a random post-rafting system and Turjawali activities, namely the arrangement, the guarding, the escorting, and the patrolling. In Turjawali, for working hours it is a one-day retreat fixed with two days morning, two days night, and two days off," he explained.

Within a week, he served 48 hours. He had a basic duty as the deputy commander of the team (Wakaru) who was in charge of conditioning the following members of equipment and supply in duty as a handy talky (HT) communication tool.

He said, in some areas that he guarded there were some posts that only needed one personnel. Thus, the task was double, because it should manage the minimal members and checked all the existing areas.

At the age of 26, this single man had a principle in the duty, which gave a sense of security and comfort for all civitas of IPB and created a family atmosphere for its members.

To him, the best guard predicated he achieved was thanks to the support of various parties. "I thank to my members. Because they who always accompany and assist me in the task of creating IPB to be safe and comfortable. Do not forget also thanks to my superiors who always provide direction, so that IPB would be the safe campus for the entire community of IPB," he closed.(SM/NM)

Published Date : 12-Sep-2017

Resource Person : Firman Setya Nugraha

Keyword : Secured IPB with Turjawali, Firman IPB Won the 1st Winner of Achievement Guard of IPB